Equipment You Need for Your New Restaurant

Launching any new business is a significant undertaking. It involves conducting industry research and developing a business plan. New business owners must make multiple informed decisions to increase their chances of success.

Restaurateurs must carefully consider the location before choosing the site. They need funding to attract qualified chefs to attract clientele. Restaurants benefit from having a theme or design aesthetic that appeals to their ideal clientele. They also need a lot of equipment to operate effectively. Let’s look at the equipment you’ll need when launching your new restaurant.

You’ll need security.


Restaurants contain valuable resources, and protecting your facilities ensures your operations won’t be affected by vandalism or theft. Investing in on-site security can also reduce your insurance costs, saving you money in the long run.

Turn to local security experts to protect your restaurant. Having locksmiths install new locks on your doors ensures you don’t have to worry about former building tenants accessing your restaurant after hours. Your locksmith can produce duplicate keys, ensuring everyone scheduled to open the facilities has a key. Your locksmith can also add deadbolts to doors to strengthen your security. You can also have them install a safe, enabling you to store cash and other valuables.

Supplement your physical security with a security system. Have experts place security cameras inside and outside your restaurant, ensuring you monitor your parking lot, front and rear entrances, registers, and locations where you store money or valuables. Security systems may discourage thieves from targeting your business because they’re more likely to be caught. These systems may also provide additional benefits. You can set up systems with live feeds you can access online, enabling you to monitor your restaurant from any location via a smartphone or computer. You can also receive alerts if motion sensors go off or your alarm systems detect smoke. When appropriate, some security systems can be programmed to call the police or fire department, increasing response times.

Restaurants do a lot of business online, and operating online presents security risks. Having an online ordering system enables restaurants to handle delivery and take-out orders efficiently, but it also means restaurateurs must take appropriate measures to protect consumer data. Invest in cutting-edge software with firewalls and other security features to ensure hackers can’t access your customers’ credit card numbers or your employees’ personal information.

You’ll need kitchen equipment.


Whether you prefer under-counter refrigerators or reach-in fridges, turn to the best supplier of restaurant equipment Sacramento has to offer for your equipment needs. Purchase freezers, sandwich prep tables, pizza prep tables, dishwashers, equipment stands, food warmers, commercial ovens, and food prep equipment. Ensuring you have suitable equipment enables you to preserve food. You’ll increase efficiency with prep tables that provide storage for toppings required to make pizzas and sandwiches because your food prep staff won’t have to search for items they need to complete orders. You can also make the most of your kitchen space by installing equipment stands.

You’ll also need utensils and knives for your kitchen. A knife sharpener is crucial because maintaining sharp knives prevents the blades from slipping when cutting items, reducing injuries. Depending on your menu items, you’ll need several other items, including spatulas, whisks, strainers, cutting boards, basters, rolling pins, crab crackers, slotted spoons, and dough scrapers.

You’ll need furniture.


You’ll need dining room furniture suited to your design aesthetic, which may emphasize style or comfort. Tables should be an appropriate height to allow patrons to eat comfortably. Restaurants may also install benches in waiting areas to accommodate guests waiting for tables. You may also need bar stools if you have a bar where patrons can be served.

Restaurants need security equipment to protect their facilities, and they also need software to protect consumer and employee information. You’ll also need kitchen equipment and furniture for your new restaurant.

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