Erectile Dysfunction 101: Causes, Symptoms, and More

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect a lot of things, from a man’s confidence to the strength of a marriage. However, it’s not a rare problem, and it’s not just for older men: research suggests 1 in 4 men who seek treatment for it are under 40. 

That rules out the age-only factor for impotence. The truth is there could be other causes, and some of them could point to underlying health issues.

ED can be defined by not being able to achieve an erection every time (or at all), as well as not being able to maintain the erection long enough. Here are some things to know about what causes erectile dysfunction, and how to address it.

It Could Be Evidence of Another Health Problem

There are certain conditions that may lead to erectile dysfunction. For example, high cholesterol could impact the ability to achieve or maintain an erection, and left untreated high cholesterol can lead to heart attack and stroke

There could already be an issue with your ticker, as ED is also a symptom of potentially deadly heart disease. In fact, ED might be an early warning sign that your heart is not performing as efficiently as it should be. 

Other common physical conditions that have been linked to ED include diabetes and obesity, as well as neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. 

Smoking, alcohol and certain medications can also contribute to not being able to achieve an erection. 

It Might Be Psychological 

It could be more complicated than a physical problem alone. Factors such as stress can play a role, and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression can also negatively affect erections. Some medications for depression are also blamed for ED. 

Unresolved issues with your partner can also lead to erectile dysfunction. There’s also some research to determine whether viewing pornography regularly can desensitize a man, therefore making it more difficult to be intimate with a partner. However, this theory is contested

Getting Treatment

Identifying and treating the underlying causes of ED is the first step in being able to return to a healthy sex life. This will require the guidance of a capable physician.

Getting proper sleep, cutting down on alcohol and quitting smoking can all help to address the problem. Adding exercise into your lifestyle can also be positive for ED and your general health.

Certain medications can help you achieve an erection, so you can talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of Cialis vs Viagra

Furthermore, if you and your partner are trying to start a family and are unable to do so because of your ED, you can opt for fertility treatments like home insemination. This procedure is a great option because it can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

You Can Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Not being able to achieve or maintain an erection is not something you have to deal with on your own. With the help of a doctor, you can get to the root causes of the dysfunction. At the same time, you can make some lifestyle changes to help your chances of achieving an erection in the future. 

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