Essential Tools To Have in a Bakeshop

Essential Tools To Have in a Bakeshop

When you decide to take your skills to the next level and open up your bakeshop, you’ll need to get some important bakeshop equipment before you start taking orders. These tools will help you prepare your pastries more efficiently and create more complete and refined end products. Keep these items in mind when you’re taking stock of the equipment you already have and determining what you need to make the professional jump.

Dough Proofer

When it comes to making your dough rise to the level you want, you must invest in a proofer to get the job done. By controlling the level of humidity and temperature, you can tailor the environment to your specifications. Relying on other methods can give mixed results, and ensuring uniformity with your quality is a must.

The Right Mixer

Mixers come in all shapes and sizes, and you need to know what will work best with the baked good you produce. Determine whether you need a large, industrial-grade stand mixer to create large quantities of cream, kneaded dough, or other frostings. You may only need a smaller tabletop mixer to perform your bake-prepping needs.

The Right Attachments

No matter which size you get, you’ll need the correct attachments when working with different ingredients. Each one comes with its own specialized application, which can affect how your product turns out. Familiarize yourself with what you need and what each application requires.

Food Scale

It’s quick and easy to eyeball all the ingredients you put into your baked goods. You become so used to creating your food that it’s almost second nature to you. But when opening a business, you need to be much more precise about the amounts of the ingredients.

Your Benefit as Well as the Customers’

Without properly measuring, you run the risk of adding too much of one item. A little goes a long way, and the extra expense will add up over time; eventually, you will see a slight drain on your profits.

For the consideration of your customers, they need to know the nutritional facts of each of your items. If you can’t guarantee the exact amount, then they can’t reliably make dietary choices.

Go in Knowing What You Need

Have a clear picture of what you’ll make available for purchase. With that menu in mind, you can make smart purchases of the essential tools to have in a bakeshop. A muddled view of what you want to offer can lead to wasted expenses on tools you won’t use.

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