Expert Reveals If Travel Insurance Is Worth It & Three Things To Check For In Your Policy

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With the holidays quickly approaching and the chaos surrounding travel, people are becoming increasingly interested in travel insurance and are wondering what the best ones are. 

In the last month alone, Google searches for “best travel insurance 2022” have increased by over 200%. 

To make this topic easier for you to understand, we have chatted with an expert over at AirAdvisor who reveals whether or not travel insurance is worth it and the three things to check for in your travel insurance policy. 

What Are The Benefits of Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is meant to ensure that you don’t lose money in the event that your bag is mishandled, your flights are canceled or delayed, or any other accidents that may occur during your travels. Having travel insurance may help protect you from losing money associated with travel changes. 

Additionally, knowing that you will be covered if anything were to happen can make the planning process more enjoyable. You may purchase travel insurance even after your flight has been purchased. 

What Are The Disadvantages of Travel Insurance?

While travel insurance has many benefits, it doesn’t cover everything that you might need in the event that you are involved in a travel incident. 

For example, cancellations due to pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered under travel insurance. Things like poor weather conditions or changing your mind about the trip may also not be covered. 

Another disadvantage is that buying travel insurance may accrue additional costs to your travel budget that you may not have accounted for. 

What Do You Need To Check For In Your Travel Insurance Policy?

  1. Make sure you understand what your policy covers

Not all policies are the same and you want to understand the exclusions. If you are not satisfied with it, you may be able to pay for additional benefits. 

  1. Check for the best policy option for you

While some insurances provide coverage per trip, some give you the option to have an annual plan. This may be advantageous to you if you travel frequently and can save you money rather than paying a per-trip travel insurance. 

Some plans offer family options, rather than an individual travel insurance option for those who travel as a family. The more people who are getting insured, the higher the possibility of getting a discounted price. Some insurance companies even offer children’s insurance at no cost as long as the parents have insurance paid for. 

  1. Find a policy that has good turnaround times on claims

Filing a claim doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Be sure to do your research and find a company that offers an easy process that can be done online. 

You might be able to find a policy that will refund you quickly before even submitting documents such as receipts. In the event that they do though, the process would be much quicker if your policy allows you to upload documents directly to their portal so be sure to do your research!

Make sure that travel insurance is worth the expense

If you are traveling internationally, there are higher chances of running into connecting flights or lost luggage issues, and might be worth the purchase. 

Certain times of the year, like summers and holidays, tend to have more complications when traveling, so if you are planning a trip during these times, travel insurance would definitely be beneficial. 

Additionally, if your trip is costing you a significant amount, like an international flight would, travel insurance may be worth it since you have more money to lose. 

Depending on your travel budget, travel insurance may end up costing you as much as your flight tickets and may not be worth the added expense.

Having travel insurance can definitely be advantageous, but every situation is different! Be sure to do your research and find out what your situation is and whether or not travel insurance is beneficial to you. 

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