Ezlogz – your fleet management solution

Ez-Smart ELD is a unique high technology solution for trucks, designed by a small company Ezlogz.  Based in Washington, it is not numerous but has a lot of positive feedback from the drivers and fleet managers. Its software and hardware are easy to install and use. But its benefits are evident. Both dispatch and driver acclaim it as a clear, advantageous and useful device. While EZ-Smart is a mid-range product that doesn’t cost much, it offers “premium” features and services. Its prices start from $29.99-$ 49.99 per month for basic solutions. And you make the decision to pay for additional services you need. So the pricing is not fixed and may change depending on your requirements. 

So, what is the Ezlogz Ez-Smart ELD? It is a BYOD device that plugs into the OBD or vehicle diagnostic port. It connects to the driver’s phone or tablet and shares data to the cloud via an installed SIM card. The data it shares with the dispatch is:

  • real-time location of the truck;
  • HOS control;
  • dashcams info;
  • engine data;
  • reefer management; 
  • passenger management;
  • SOS if the driver hits the panic button;
  • climate control on the board.   

The built in GPS navigator allows not to exit the app to find a route. It includes route mapping, real-time arrival, rest areas, fuel stops and weather forecast. And that’s not all. It is much more than just an electronic logging device. It is an all-in-one solution with various tools to provide instant communication between driver and dispatch  and logistic companies. It is also a perfect opportunity to be in touch with your family when you are away for a long time. 

Safety, comfort and control are the main principles of this device. 

When paired to the phone the Ez-Smart ELD offers full support during the journey. 

Advantages of using Ezlogz software: 

  1. The product is fully certified and is compliant to FMCSA requirements. 
  2. It counts the Hours of Service and reminds the driver to rest. A live countdown to the next break allows to avoid violations and improves compliance of the rules. The dispatch automatically receives the HOS status of the driver.  
  3. A built-in SIM card makes the device autonomous and all the data automatically synchronizes with the control center.
  4. Offline mode allows it to work without mobile data. The driver can upload data over his phone. 
  5. IFTA fuel tax calculations are provided by the device, it’s a part of basic ELD subscription. Dispatch can quickly calculate fees using GPS data which logs miles travelled by the truck. 
  6. GPS tracking provides an opportunity to see the real-time location and arrival.   
  7. Onboard dash cams offer dual direction video recording. This provides both road accidents and driver behavior monitoring: including drifts, hard acceleration, distraction and nervous driving.
  8. Vehicle status data is under control during the way. Engine data including fault codes are sent to the dispatch. Ezlogz links this data to an online portal, schedules maintenance and sends alerts when a vehicle requires servicing.     

These are not all functions. Climate control, passenger tracking and document management are also benefits you get while using this device. 

Planning your trip will be easier with this device. Just enter your origin and destination and the trip planner will calculate arriving time taking into consideration your HOS, rest breaks and speed limits on the road. To build the optimal route, add your vehicle dimensions and places to stop. 

The main goal of Ezlogz is to build a long-term partnership with every client, that’s why new products are cutting edge and experience the latest requirements. The primary advantage of Ez-Smart is its reliability and FMCSA compliance. That’s why Ezlogz is a leader among ELD devices for trucks.   

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