Factors Affecting the Cost of Car Shipping

You may move to a new state for a better life or relocate to a different city because of a job transfer or job change. Sometimes, driving your car to the destination isn’t an option, yet you want your vehicle wherever you are for local movements. That’s when most people consider car shipping companies to haul a car to their destination. 

However, car shipping is complicated because of the presence of too many parties involved. Therefore, calculating costs is not always as straightforward as buying your flight tickets for your destination. 

An understanding of the factors that affect car shipment can give you a rough estimate of what prices to expect and how to choose the right shipping company.

Mode of Transport 

There are two modes of transport available as far as auto shipments are concerned- Terminal-to-terminal shipment and the door-to-door car transport. The former involves transporting the car from one terminal to another. Terminals here mostly mean ports and local transport hubs. 

Please note that you would have to arrange for your transportation to and from the terminal location. Even though car shipping is cheaper, it may cost you slightly more in terms of additional transport to and from the terminal location. Moreover, your car may have to remain in the terminal parking lot until picked up exposed to all elements. 

Door to door transport, albeit slightly expensive can be worth the cost because of the convenience. The carrier will pick up the car from your preferred location and drop it off at your destination without you having to worry about anything. 

Type of Transport

This involves open and enclosed transportation. Open transport usually involved transporting your car in a truck or trailer. Even though it’s more common, it leaves your car exposed to debris, dust, rain, etc. Enclosed transportation is more expensive and is usually typical for antique or luxury vehicles.

Due to the rising gas prices, longer the distance covered, and higher will be the costs.

Size of the Vehicle

The bigger the size of your car, the more expensive it is to ship. This is because larger vehicles would need a larger space in the carrier vehicle. 

Some car shipping companies have a rate list for a different range of cars like Hatchback, Sedan, and SUV, and they use this to decide how much to charge taking other factors into account, of course. Be sure to ask the company if they have one. Of course, these rates change frequently, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Apart from these, there are factors like region of shipment, road conditions like a traffic jam, closure, bad roads, and routes that can cause the prices to increase.  Car shipments rates change frequently. 

The rates you get today may not be the same next week or even the next day. That is because the cost is subject to many variables like gas prices and freight rates, which keep changing. 

However, basic knowledge about the factors that affect car shipment costs can help you get a better estimate and a better deal on car shipment.

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