Factors That Affect Pool Water Colour

When getting a pool for your backyard, there is an endless list of decisions you need to make, and the primary decision you need to make is the pool finish. Did you know the type of finish will affect the colour of the pool? Thus, this is a big decision to the overall look of your dream swimming pool. Predicting the exact colour for the pool might be challenging as many factors affect it, this is from the shape, size, lighting, but you can try to get it as close as possible to the colour you want. 

Read on to understand better the factors that affect the pool water colour.

The depth and size of your pool

If you go for a deeper pool, the darker the colour. So if you go for a blue pool, it will become bluer, or if green, you will notice it is greener. But for a small pool, the pool’s colour will be much closer to the finish you had desired.

The background surroundings of the pool and the landscape

The component that you have surrounding the pool will alter the overall colour of the pool. If you have trees and shrubs, this creates an earthy tone background; thus, your pool’s finish might lean more towards green or teal colour.

The amount of sunlight your pool gets

Pools are meant to be in the spotlight of the sun, to offer you that cooling effect as you soak up the sun. Did you know this also alters the colour of the pool? The sun rays bring out the richness of the colours used in the finish; this is due to water refraction, which is responsible for changing the pool colour. As the sun is slowly setting, you will notice the pool colour also has a drastic change, so this means each time you dive into your pool, you will notice the colour changes according to the time of day.

Some artificial coloured water

Now that you know how water colour can change during the day, but how about at night? You probably like taking a deep at night or having pool parties once in a while, so how can you illuminate the beautiful colour finish in your pool? Since sunlight is not a factor, you need to make use of coloured lights in your pool. It gives you the freedom, and a level of control over the pool water colour; these lights are designed underwater to create this beautiful illusion of colour display in your pool.

The chemistry level also affects the pool colour.

We have covered factors that affect the pool colour, assuming that the water is clear, but as you know, pool water is not always clear. If you find your pool is looking greenish or scummy, the ph. Levels are not well balanced. When water gets murky, this is due to algae or some organic material that slowly grows if your pool is not cleaned correctly. To get that sparkling blue colour or green, properly clean your pool. 

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