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REKS ( is a cool new line of sunglasses that combines the highest quality shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses with stylish, unbreakable frames all at affordable prices. With a retail price point of $50 and under, the REKS™ lenses are the same quality of lenses found in glasses costing $150-$250.  Add in the fact that the frames are unbreakable and you have yourself a great product that will surely disrupt the marketplace.

The REKS™ sunglasses are stylish, lightweight, sturdy-yet unbreakable– so need to worry about dropping your sunglasses, stepping on them or tossing them around in your back pack, dorm room or locker. And at this great price point, the student won’t be breaking the bank in case one loses them-which happens all too often.

REKS™ sunglasses are available in six iconic frame styles with three lens options offered in a multitude of stylish colors including classic and mirror finishes. The six iconic frame styles come in a broad array of colors and finishes including matte, gloss and Soft Touch™. REKS™ provides a range of stylish options that go from the trails to the mountains to city streets with ease.

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