Feline Parents: 5 Ways To Give Your Cat a Happy Life

Feline Parents: 5 Ways To Give Your Cat a Happy Life

Cats are wonderful animals that can be cuddly or independent depending on what they want most from their human companion. Adopting a cat means taking on the responsibility to give your pet the best possible life so they can remain happy and healthy. Whether you’re considering adopting a kitten or recently welcomed a feline into your family, this article is for you! Keep reading to uncover the best ways to give your cat a happy life. 

Invest in Fun Toys

Cats enjoy playing, and toys help engage their minds and allow them to utilize their natural skills. Encourage your cat to stalk and pounce, giving them the mental enrichment they need. Most owners don’t want their kitten hunting real prey outside, so this is the next best thing for your feline.

Get a Scratching Post

Unlike other animals many of us own as pets, cats groom themselves, and the only way to tend to their nails is by scratching. Scratching posts are an appropriate place for your cat to claw away to file their nails down.

Make Annual Vet Appointments

Everyone should visit a doctor at least once a year for a wellness checkup, and our pets are just like us. You should bring your feline companion to the vet at least once yearly, but special circumstances could increase this number. Veterinarians prioritize pet health; these individuals will evaluate your kitten from head to tail to ensure they’re healthy.

The vet can also diagnose health conditions your pet may develop and offer a treatment plan. For example, diabetic cats should avoid certain foods to keep their blood sugar levels regulated. Any diagnosis can initially feel daunting, but with your vet’s support, caring for your cat becomes easier.

Consider Going Outside

Another tip for giving your cat a happy life is to get outside. Some owners let their cats explore the neighborhood alone, but others don’t because of the potential dangers. Without your protection, your cat could get hurt. Of course, this doesn’t mean you must altogether avoid the outdoors. You could invest in a covered playpen to sit outside together on nice days.

Some people buy a kitty-friendly harness and leash to let their feline get some fresh air while remaining safe. If your cat loves the outdoors, you could even go for a walk around the block!

Spend Time Together

Cats are often labeled as loners, but that’s not true. Sure, some cats prefer their independence, but even those felines love a good cuddle. Spend time playing with your kitten, petting them, and doing things to bond. Our pets are family members, and basking in each other’s company brings you closer. Give your cat the best life so you can enjoy your life together.