Finding Suitable UV-Protective Headgear for Hiking

Finding Suitable UV-Protective Headgear for Hiking
Finding Suitable UV-Protective Headgear for Hiking

Exploring nature by venturing into the wilderness is a fantastic way to stay active, sharp, and even social! However, the outdoor environment is full of harmful elements that, with enough exposure, can cause health complications. Mainly, you must wear gear that blocks UV rays from the sun. Read on for helpful tips on finding suitable UV-protective headgear for hiking.

Hat Material Matters

Your hat’s material significantly affects how well your headgear protects your face from UV rays. The three most popular UV-resistant hat materials include knit polyester, unbleached cotton, straw, and various high ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) synthetic fabrics. Knit polyester and UPF synthetic fabrics are ideal for individuals seeking a UV and moisture-resistant hat for outdoor activities. Alternatively, straw is an excellent UV-resistant option for more leisurely, less-physically-intense hikes. Consider purchasing a cap that specifies “UPF and UV-Resistance” if you’re unsure whether the material is perfect for your needs.

Invest in More Brim

Sometimes, a standard baseball cap isn’t enough protection for your hike. Instead, consider purchasing a different headwear silhouette that features additional brim material. Popular options include bucket hats, trappers, boonies, beach caps, and related wide-brim products. These items typically feature additional elements for enhanced performance, comfort, and outdoor functionality. For example, many wide-brimmed hats boast helpful chin straps, breathable crown flaps, adjustable settings, and more! Ultimately, you must find headgear that fits and keeps the sun out of your face while hiking!

Opt for Reliable Brand Names

Quality matters when purchasing a suitable hiking hat – as such, it’s always recommended that you consider a product from a reliable brand name rather than settling for a subpar item. Patagonia, North Face, Columbia, Sunday Afternoons, and Outdoor Research are all industry-leading outdoor hat manufacturers will high-quality selections worth browsing. Conversely, research potential purchases and use the name-brand items to help you locate an item with supreme value.

Hats are must-have hiking accessories; finding suitable UV-protective headgear for these events is supremely important. Luckily, this guide can help you secure the ultimate cap for fun outdoor activities under the sun!

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