image002Grip Socks

You might remember as a kid NOT wanting to get the pack of socks….Well not anymore! You’ll want to get your hands, err, feet, into these awesome eco friendly grip socks asap! Made of organic cotton, the Natural Fitness Grip Socks have a bold, raised gel design that improves traction during yoga, Pilates and any other exercise where you do not wear shoes. Available in sizes XS/S, M/L. Price: $12.99. Available online at


image004Powerhouse PRO Mat

Made of eco-friendly materials, this thick, durable mat is designed to maximize comfort and cushion during intense floor work. The Powerhouse Pro Mat contains an anti-microbial additive that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria so you get a consistently clean, odor-free workout surface.

Color: Tangerine/Charcoal

Price: $49.99. Available online at


image014Muscle Therapy Bar

The Muscle Therapy massage bar is designed to provide effective massage therapy for muscles. By targeting trigger points, aka knots, and applying pressure with the grooved surface and rolling action of the unique Muscle Therapy massage bar you can work out tension and allow your muscles to function optimally. In addition, you can stimulate circulation, decrease muscle aches and pains and disperse the effects of lactic acid following activity. Using the Muscle Therapy massage bar regularly can improve flexibility while helping prevent muscle injuries. Price: $29.99


image012Mini Core Ball

A strong, healthy core will help you stand taller, look and feel more youthful and be stronger and more capable to perform everyday activities such as bending and lifting.  The Healthy Abs & Back Kit is specifically designed to help you develop all the areas of the core – your abdominals, obliques, back and pelvis.  Building strong core muscles helps prevent and alleviate back pain and improves your posture.

Price: $12.99


image006 1StormCruiser 

The newest mounting system for the iPhone 4™ and iPhone 4S™ is StormCruiser, ideal for students and athletes on the go. The scratch-resistant case allows users to access the GPS, phone and music features while navigating tough mountain bike trails on the weekends or riding for fun. The StormCruiser can be postioned horizontally or vertically on the frame and  is easy to remove. It is offered at the MSRP of $49.95.

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