Four Best Social Media Resources for Philadelphia Health Reports

A health report is an important resource that allows hospitals and medical professionals to provide relevant information and advice to their patients, ensuring that they know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are aware of the latest developments in their areas of concern. 

Social media is also a great tool for health reports as it provides real-time information on a huge variety of topics. Additionally, there are hundreds of experts and professionals who are active on social media whose content can enhance and improve the quality of health reports. 

With this in mind, here are the four best social media resources and pages to ensure that Philadelphia Health Reports are the best that it can be. 

Dr. Austin Chiang, MD (@austinchiangmd)

If you’re looking for something other than dry and factual reports, then Dr. Austin Chiang’s Twitter page is worth checking out! Dr. Chiang is currently working at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia where he serves as its Chief Medical Social Media Officer, a position created just recently to improve clinician engagement on social media and help spread accurate information. He also founded the Association of Healthcare Social Media, an organization that aims to guide physicians on the ethics of social media influencing. 

Dr. Chiang’s content deals with topics like weight bias and obesity stigma, as well as improving the physician-patient relationship. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, however, he has shifted his focus to making data on the novel coronavirus easier to understand for non-health professionals, as well as giving some insight on how hospitals, medical organizations, and physicians are dealing with the outbreak. 

If you want up to date information presented in an easy-to-understand manner, then Dr. Chiang’s social media pages are undoubtedly a great resource. Their site is also listed as one of the top mental health blogs out of thousands on the internet today.

Penn Social Media and Health Innovation Lab

Launched in July 2013, the Penn Social Media and Health Innovation Lab provides groundbreaking research on the links between an individual’s health and how they use social media The organization aims to explore how social media platforms and communication channels can help us understand and improve health and healthcare. For instance, the results of one of their studies suggested that many adults on Facebook and Twitter were willing to share their medical data for research purposes, which shows that social media content could be related to health outcomes. These kinds of research, which establish how our health and wellbeing are influenced by the digital age, should be included in any health report.  

If you’re looking to explore the relationship between social media, health, and healthcare, be sure to check out Penn Social Media and Health Innovation Lab’s website, as well as their social media pages.

Dr. Jessica Geida, DO (Smiles and Scrubs)

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a current OBGYN resident, Dr. Jessica Geida uses her social media platforms to inspire and encourage women to take up a career in gynecology. She also makes use of hashtags like #ChooseYou and #SoYouWannaDoObGyn to give an inside look at the hectic schedules of physicians and how they achieve a work-life balance. 

With the current COVID-19 outbreak and the increasing number of cases in Philadelphia, Dr. Geida has transitioned to posting about proper mask hygiene and providing helpful information to expecting women concerned about how the global pandemic would affect their pregnancy and access to healthcare. 

If you’re looking to gain insight into healthcare for women living in Philadelphia, the field of gynecology, and all things related to these, then Dr. Geida’s Instagram page, Smiles and Scrubs, is your best bet. 

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the most active hospitals on social media with posts on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest pages garnering thousands of engagement each day. On these platforms, the hospital shares the experiences of its doctors, nurses, and patients to strengthen the community and provide support to those who need it. 

In addition to telling stories from the community, the hospital’s social media team also publishes results from studies conducted by their research arm, the CHOP Research Institute. For instance, one of their most recent posts shared a study led by Dr. Ed Behrens, which aimed to uncover why children responded differently to COVID-19 than adults. 

One of their most popular social media projects is the Primary Care Perspectives podcast, hosted by Dr. Katie Lockwood, MD. On the podcast, Dr. Lockwood discusses up and coming topics in primary care with kids’ health experts and specialties. The most recent episode, released only a few days ago, focused on the health and safety of newborn babies and their mothers amid the global pandemic. 

The hospital’s social media pages are a great resource for those looking for information on children’s health and healthcare.