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How about a luxury product at a reasonable price point?  Russell James  (the iconic fashion photographer who recently released the book Angels) has launched a line of fragrances available at Barney’s and online.  The fragrances started with an Aboriginal artist  in Russell’s native Australia who asked him to help create a perfume out of a local tree (called a Fire Tree).  What sprung from the collaboration is a collection of fragrances that highlights the unique ingredients and spirit if some of the world’s most threatened cultures and communities. A portion of each sale goes directly to support projects in their partner communities. 

The fragrances were created with world renowned perfumer, Harry Fremont (Firminech).   The packaging is elegant and reflective of each fragrance’s essence.  The 5 varieties are: Wild Fire – featuring Australian Sandalwood (harvested by aboriginal farmers), Desert Blush – featuring Australian Sandalwood (harvested by aboriginal farmers) and Australian Boronia Flower, Citadelle – featuring Haitian Vetiver, Bijou Vert –featuring Haitian Vetiver, Winter Oak –  featuring Native American Oak wood.

Perfume Travel Atomizer

This lightweight, portable perfume sprayer makes it convenient to have your favorite scent with you anytime, anywhere. At just 3 inches long and holding .136 oz this sleek design is great for men or women on the go.  Simply remove the nozzle from your big fragrance bottle, pump the atomizer up and down on the tube, and you can be ready to go in just a few seconds! Just $8.99 at