Capri Vince Camuto (3.4 oz – SRP $85.00)

Capri Vince Camuto embodies a spirit of freedom and discovery by possessing invigorating citrus top notes of juicy Pear and Pink Grapefruit that wash over a floral bouquet of Peach Blossom and Violet Flower to reveal a rich heart of Musk and Vanilla. Like a cool Mediterranean breeze, this floral-fruity fragrance transports your senses. Capri Vince Camuto is available online and in-store at Macy’s

St. Kitts for Women (3.4oz – SRP $65.00)

This captivating and stunning fragrance opens with a tropical cocktail of juicy Pear, mouth-watering Mango and fresh Starfruit combined with a sweet bouquet of Frangipani, Plumeria and Freesia adding breezy floral notes. A dry, yet creamy Musk, salty Driftwood and a touch of Vanilla Bean envelop the fragrance providing a warmth reminiscent of the beach before sundown. Available exclusively at Tommy Bahama stores and

Black Bold (3.4oz – SRP $76.00)

Inspired by the fearless spirit of New York, Black Bold features citrus and herbal top notes of Mandarin and Ginger, rounded out with a blend of Ground Nutmeg and a touch of Lotus Flower. Finished with elements of Wood, Suede and leathery Musks, the fragrance contrasts between dark and light and allows the boldness within to come to life. Available online and in-store at Kenneth Cole and Macy’s

MANKIND Hero (3.4oz – SRP $76.00)

Discover your inner HERO with the power of Fresh Mountain Air Accord and Italian Lemon infused with Plum Wood, Lavender and Sage. A rich Amber Wood, White Moss and a touch of Musk creates the perfect balance of strength and warmth in this fragrance. Kenneth Cole MANKIND Hero is available online and in-store at Kenneth Cole and Macy’s

Vince Camuto Eterno (3.4oz – $77.00)

Vince Camuto Eterno is a masculine scent with a captivating blend of fresh top notes of Citrus and Mint, rounded out by a refined, peppery mix of Bourbon and Saffron and anchored by a base of Patchouli and  Cedarwood. Capturing the essence of the Mediterranean, Eterno is at once sexy, cool and intriguing. Vince Camuto Eterno is available online and in-store at Macy’s

St. Kitts for Men (3.4oz – SRP $65.00)

Refreshing and relaxing at its core, a zesty blend of Kaffir Lime, juicy Mandarin and tropical Star Fruit paired with Cedarwood, fresh Sea Salt and a Watery Accord, create an invigorating woody scent reminiscent of the sea breeze. The fragrance is rounded out with Driftwood, Ambergris and creamy Musk adding a salt swept warming effect like suntanned skin after a day in the sun. Tommy Bahama St. Kitts is available exclusively at Tommy Bahama stores and