Fun Beach Activities for You and Your Dog

Fun Beach Activities for You and Your Dog

As the temperatures get warmer and summer approaches, you will want to find more things to do outside with your dog. Why not allow your favorite four-legged friend to get some exercise and some sun? Learn more about fun beach activities for you and your dog below.

Play Fetch With a Ball or Frisbee

One of the most common games you play at home with your dog you can also play on the beach: fetch with a tennis ball or frisbee. Just make sure that there aren’t too many people around, or your furry companion may unintentionally bump into someone.

Go for a Walk on the Shore

Another fun beach activity for you and your dog is a lovely walk along the shore. Not only will your pet get some good exercise, but they will also get to see new surroundings and smell new scents they have not encountered before. You may want to bring along a bottle of water, though, so that your dog stays hydrated and doesn’t get too warm.

Going Swimming or Surfing

These two activities will likely depend on your dog’s comfort with the water and their skills, but swimming or surfing with them is possible. No matter how strong of a swimmer your dog may be, make sure you keep them safe with a doggy life vest.

Afterward, give your dog a good wash to remove any sand and salt that could irritate them. You can also take them in for professional grooming services so you can be sure they are nice and clean after their beach visit.

Chase and Outrun the Waves

If you’re looking for another activity to help your dog burn off some pent-up energy, try chasing and outrunning the waves with them. Together, you can run from the water as it rushes into the shore and then chase it back as it recedes. Your dog will enjoy the activity, and you’ll both be able to enjoy a nice nap later.

These activities will allow you and your dog to play together while spending time in the warm weather. After all, your furry best friend deserves to enjoy their summer as much as you do.

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