Garage Door: Replacing a Section vs. Replacing the Whole Door

If you own your own home, maintenance jobs like a garage door fix can add up if you don’t keep on top of them. This particular type of damage is best addressed by calling in the professionals, particularly if you don’t want to lose out on your curb appeal factor! 

Nevertheless, there’s no point making a mountain out of a molehill. If you can get away with repairing a section of your garage door instead of the whole thing, won’t that cost less without disturbing your property’s appeal? 

We wanted to find out with a side-by-side comparison. Do you get a repair or a replacement to your garage door? Let’s find out.

Replacing the Garage Door

Let’s start with what it takes to replace a full door. When you look at the average price of a full garage door, including fitting it, comes with a minimum price point that is over $500. If you install a single garage door, the price will be towards the minimum end of the scale, any more than this and you can run into the thousands. 

Replacing the whole door will give your place a new look and feel, so it does have its upside. Replacing will also allow you to examine the energy efficiency properties of the room and find out if there is any way to improve upon heat retention or cooling. Unfortunately, replacing the whole door when only one section is broken isn’t very environmentally friendly in itself. If you wanted to be more energy efficient, you could just repair the panel that is broken.

Finally, a replacement door will require longer to fit, thereby costing more in terms of time.

Vs. Repairing a Garage Door Section or Panel

Repairing takes less time, less energy, and costs less. When you consider these factors it seems strange that replacements would be made as often as they are. You produce less of a carbon footprint when you repair, since there is little waste. You don’t need to ship as many items, and it doesn’t take the same length of time. 

Repairing a section of a broken garage door is more cost effective and can be as aesthetically pleasant as a new door might be. If you use a skilled repair team, they should be able to make the amendments, bring your doors back to their original glamour, and save you a great deal of money…especially if your garage door is automated.

So What’s Better?

In terms of energy efficiency, time, and money, you would be better repairing a section of broken garage door instead of replacing it altogether. However, if you want to sell your home and see it as an opportunity to upgrade the style, look, or feel, of the property, then replacement might suit you best.

Looking for Garage Door Repairs in Phoenix?

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