Garage Updates That’ll Add Value to Your Home

Garage Updates That’ll Add Value to Your Home

Every area of the home helps to add to the property, and the better it looks, the more valuable your home becomes. Most of us use our garage as a place to keep the cars, yard tools, and other belongings; however, that doesn’t mean you should neglect this area of the house. Check out some great garage updates that’ll add value to your home!

Add Storage Space

Many homeowners already use their garage for storage, so why not get the most out of that function? Install racks and shelving to keep your belongings organized. You can also add storage cabinets to safely store pesticides and fertilizers away from children and pets.

Another way to maximize storage space in the garage is by installing hooks on walls and ceilings to hang larger items, such as bikes or kayaks. This frees up your floor space and gives you room to walk around or add upgrades like a DIY station.

Evaluate Flooring

Inspect the flooring of your garage. Are there cracks? Or if you’ve painted, are there chips? Maintaining your garage floor is important and keeps it looking great. Many homeowners recommend sealing the floor with epoxy or using waterproof paint to keep it looking great. Adding epoxy also helps lessen the risk of water damage.

Replace Your Garage Door

Over time, your garage door may wear out or appear dated. Simply changing the door style can give your home the facelift it needs! Evaluate all your design options and decide on the one that best complements the style of your home. For example, a door with frosted glass panels often appears more modern, while reclaimed wood creates a more rustic look.

Pro Tip

As you consider modifying your garage door, remember that insulating them is also important. Adding insulation to the garage door helps maintain interior temperatures, quiets the door, and offers more protection from the elements. These benefits help boost the value of your home.

Keep It Light

Whether you have windows in your garage or on your garage door, you should have some lights. Consider installing ceiling lights to illuminate the space when you need to go in at night. Likewise, many of us have workbenches in the garage, and without adequate lighting, you cannot see what you’re doing.

Reinvent the Space

Another garage update that’ll increase your home value is completely transforming the role of the space. Some homeowners turn their garage into an extra living space by moving storage to another home area, completely insulating the garage, and removing the garage door. You can make this into a spare living room, somewhere to entertain guests, or a gaming room—the choice is yours!

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