Genius Hacks on How to Get Wrinkles Out of Garments

There are a dozen situations in which we can think just on the top of our minds, where wrinkled clothes would be frowned upon. A job interview would be one, meetings with your partner’s parents, for instance, a big meeting with your boss, a party with new friends or just going out shopping for that matter.

There is a sense of scruffiness that comes with crinkled clothes and let’s face it, it does not give the ideal impression when someone sees that you are unkempt. So, what are your options? How do you invest in something reliable that guaranteed you don’t end up being in one of those situations above?

We have a few good suggestions for you. Keep reading. 

There are some ways to get wrinkles out of clothes easily without using any appliance and some ways that you can remove them using an appliance. We will cover a few of both. 

Hacks Without an Appliance

When times are tough of the situations calls for an emergency crinkle remover and you don’t have the right appliance. These tips below will save you. 

If you’re a woman, grab your hair straightener. That’s right, we said ‘hair-straightener’. Is that a genius idea or what? These gadgets can be used for a lot more than just taking the frizz out of hair. You can use it to press your collars flat and also remove any creases on your shirts and pants, easily. Make sure you have the right setting though; you don’t want to end up with a burn hole in your clothes. Delicates will work with low settings and different kinds of cotton will work in high settings. Read about this famous idea here

Anyone for a Cuppa? Steam from your tea kettle or teapot is not just for fun. It can be a practical way to steam your clothes and get them nice and smooth. This will not work on huge creases but rather on small ones. Holding the kettle underneath any wrinkled area will get rid of them within no time.

Do you have a blow dryer? Use it to get rid of those nasties. The concentrated heat from any blow dryer will do wonders for any folds and articles of clothing. Just don’t keep it in one place on high heat for too long and hold it at a reasonable distance of about 2 inches. 

Steam will do the trick, but not from any device, rather from the shower. Take it with you when you’re about to dive into a shower and hang it behind the door or railing. The steam from your shower is quite advantageous in this case. 

Did you know that one of the main things professional packers advise to travelers is to roll your clothes when packing them into your luggage? Can anyone guess why? to avoid wrinkles of course. Even at home you can do the same, roll your garments, and put them in the drawers as opposed to folding them, they will take up less space and will be less creased up. 

So, when trying to do this for your shirt, roll it up nice and tight and place it under a mattress or couch cushion and either sit on it or leave it underneath for at least 20 minutes and voila! As good as new. 

If you’ve got a heavy-based pot, it can act as an iron. This is possibly one of the oldest tricks known to resourceful people over decades. First, you need to layout your shirt or pants on the bed, flat. Boil water in a pot, once it’s bubbling, turn the stove off and throw the water out. Quickly take the pot to your attire and go over it slowly and carefully. Make sure the bottom of the pot is completely clean. The pot will have just enough heat for you to make a few runs on it. can’t get easier than that!

Hacks with an Appliance

For those who have no time to waste and rely on useful resources instead of trying any of the above hacks, read on. Below are some appliances and methods for helping you straighten out your clothes in no time. 

Anti-wrinkle sprays, make a good addition to anyone’s laundry room. Normally used in drycleaners stores, you can also get one for yourself. Not only do they remove creases, but they also leave clothes smelling nice and fresh. Just spritz some spray onto the clothes, hand them and let them dry out. It may leave your clothes slightly damp though. So, it is best not to use it on clothes you need to wear within the hour. 

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There is also another appliance that has become very popular over the past few years, and that is the clothes steamer, which is used to do the same job as an iron can, but better. They are light-weight and compact pieces of equipment that can steal the crinkles right out of your clothes, leaving them looking and feeling amazing. Not to mention you can use them in other areas of your house like your bed and couch to kill bed bugs. 

The idea of using an iron has been around for millenniums and will stay on for a lot longer too. Possibly the easiest way to get your clothes straightened out. But one needs patience and the right equipment. If you have space, you can open up an ironing table and do your thing for some fresh looking neat and tidy garments.

We hope at least a few of the above suggestions will help you get out of any pickles when it comes to looking your best!

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