Gents, What’s in Store for Your Style in the New Decade?

Are you thinking of ringing in the new year with a change of style? Make 2020 your own by jumping on this year’s fashion trends early and mark the beginning of the new decade with a new you. 

From clothes to accessories to facial hair, 2020s style trends are ready for you to jump into them:

1. Clothes

According to the spring/summer 2020 catwalk shows, the 90s are back and they are bringing all the nostalgia they can with them. From bowling shirts to cargo trousers, be ready to relive the best and worst trends of the end of the last century. 

Every 90s teenage dream and every 00s horrific nightmare, double denim is back! Britney and Justin laid claim to the style in their infamous American Music Awards ensemble and now the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ is strutting its way back down the 2020 catwalk.

Looking at the 2020 catwalk shows is a bit like looking back at a family photo album, only a little less out-of-focus and with fewer perms. Take some inspiration from your own wardrobe from 20 years ago, dig out the photos and see if the fashion faux pas you were making then could actually just be that you were ahead of your time when it comes to clothes.

2. Shoes

To accompany the resurgence of the rugby shirt, boat shoes and loafers are predicted to stay strong in the shoe game for 2020. The preppy look has been a side dish at the fashion feast over the past few years, but it seems to have reached main course status and is here to stay. From the tip of your flat cap to the heels of your leather brogues, preppy has reached it peak.

If you’ve done the preppy look before, why not try something completely different and slip into a pair of chunky sandals. Not just chunky but CHUNKY, in fact the more height you can get on them the better. Summer shoes in 2020 look as though they are going to be throwing it back to the height of the 70’s where platform sandals towered over the shoe market. 

3. Facial hair

George Clooney, Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman; three men who have embraced the beard with gusto in recent years. Beards made a comeback in the mid-to-late teens and it would seem that they are here to stay. 

Much like everything in life, beards roll through fashionable eras of their own. In the 1800’s, sideburns were all the rage, in the 1920’s, moustaches came into play and in the early 2000’s, beards were stripped back to just their stubble. Since 2017, the bare faced look has been banished and replaced with the beautifully manicured and full beard that adorns the chin of every male celebrity that can grow one. Even those who can’t grow them no longer have to worry, as the demand for a beard transplant has increased by 600% in the last five years so you no longer have put up with your patchy attempts and can get those luscious hipster locks you’ve always wanted.

4. Eye wear

Remember when eyewear meant the smallest, squarest glasses that didn’t actually do anything but they looked cool? Well, they’re making a comeback for 2020 and it might be the look you have been searching for.

Glasses have been a statement part of your wardrobe for at least half of the last decade. Whether it was Kanye West’s slatted sunnies or a pair of 3D cinema glasses you popped the lenses out of, eyewear is no longer just practical, it is also fashionable. Transparent frames and 70’s inspired thick rim that will make you look like Edna Mode are the number one trend set to make waves for eyewear in 2020. Whether you wear glasses to help with your vision or you just like a pair of sunglasses on top of your head in the summer, make sure you add some new eyewear to your 2020 wardrobe. 

5. Jewellery

Thanks to celebrities like Harry Styles and Johnny Depp, jewellery is appearing ever increasingly in men’s wardrobes. Whether it be chunky rings or delicate chain earrings, draping yourself in gold and silver is looking like it will be a big trend for 2020.

You don’t have to go to the levels of Mr. T, maybe one or two necklaces is enough for you. But the idea of jewellery just being for women is one you can leave behind in the last decade. 

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