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100579 100583n2 back braceNearly 1 in 3 people suffer from low back pain. And that’s no surprise as many of us fight rush hour traffic to hunch over computers all day.

The weight of your upper body (your heads alone weigh an average of 10lbs!) being pressed down by the natural forces of gravity is the culprit behind daily spine compression. When standing or even sitting for long periods, the spine compresses even more and can cause fatigue and non-chronic lower back pain.

The BaxMAX lumbar support belt was created to prevent this compression altogether by taking the body weight off the spine. The belt features a patented pulley system incorporated into the design to instantly relieve low back pain, even if you are doing an activity that would normally cause excessive lumbar compression.
Product Info:
  • Gets 5X tighter than competitors and offers more abdominal support
  • The belt is made of lightweight, breathable nylon mesh and industrial velcro
  • The pulley cable is made of durable repelling line and pulleys made of high-density nylon
  • Ideal for wearing under, or over, clothing
  • Easy to wash
The company’s mission is simple: Give as many people relief from lumbar pain as humanly possible without the need for surgery or pain pills. BaxMAX retails for $69.95.