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Screen Shot 2018 02 08 at 5.21.20 AMKNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation

Representing the first significant innovation in the pregnancy planning category in years, KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation, an at-home kit which tests saliva, not urine, for accurate ovulation tracking. It is useful both for women who want to conceive and those who don’t, and especially recommended for those with irregular cycles.

Traditional urine testing monitors for a sudden and short-lived surge in luteinizing hormones. But KNOWHEN tests the saliva for a more gradual and steady increase in estrogen, and therefore is able to determine the user’s five most fertile days during each cycle.

It’s easy and discreet to use. Each morning before brushing teeth, eating or drinking, the user simply places a drop of saliva on the kit’s microscope. After it dries (which only takes a few minutes), she checks for a distinct fernlike pattern which indicates the likelihood of becoming pregnant on that particular day.

The kit also offers an excellent value since it is re-usable on a daily basis, and it never expires.

KNOWHEN also comes with a free tracking app that over time, charts a woman’s menstruation, ovulation and sexual activity history. This is an invaluable resource that helps women better understand their reproductive health, and one they can share with their doctors as appropriate.

Screen Shot 2018 02 08 at 5.09.29 AMMigraineX

MigraineX is a new product from Cirrus Healthcare, the maker of EarPlanes. MigraineX is an over-the-counter solution that offers migraine relief due to weather changes.

The weather and barometric pressure changes are one of the top triggers for migraines, so the makers of EarPlanes came up with an earplug solution that treats migraines before they even start – with 81% improvement for weather-related headaches.

MirgraineX allows air to flow through its filters to help regulate barometric weather changes. The earplugs are the first OTC companion product that works together with an app, which notifies users when to utilize their earplugs when barometric pressure is nearby.

410Dz zymOL 1024x1024EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

The EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale is not your ordinary bathroom scale as it can quickly and easily measure weight, body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass using our new ITO BIA technology. This scale is perfect for individuals who are serious about taking control of their health. BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) technology allows you to easily calculate your body fitness by imputing information of gender, height, age, activity level and your weight. In bare feet, this technology sends a low-level electrical signal though your body fat and then measures the resistance the signal encounters. This signal is perfectly safe and will not be felt.

The Precision GetFit Scale stores up to 8 different users’ personal profiles and will be able to recognize these users as soon as they step onto the scale. This auto recognition software makes it simple to operate, since all you have to do is stand on the platform barefoot and it identifies who you are based on past weight.

Let’s not forget about its universal EatSmart features! The Precision GetFit uses “Step-On” technology which means no more tapping to turn on your scale. It measures up to 400lbs and will display an accurate readout to the nearest 0.2 lbs on the oversized 3.5″ LCD display. Its sleek design and slim profile fits perfectly into any surrounding. The touch screen interface makes it one of the most user friendly bathroom scales on the market today.

Along with your Precision GetFit, you receive our easy to follow Instruction Manual (which also defines body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass) and 4 AAA batteries.


  • Measuring Functions: Weight, % Body Fat, % Total Body Water, % Muscle Mass and Bone Mass
  • Proprietary Automatic User Identification Technology: Stores personal data for up to 8 users
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs / 180 kgs
  • Measurement Modes: Pounds / Kilos
  • Graduation Increments: 0.2 lbs / 0.1 kgs
  • Athlete mode for very active users
  • Large 3.5″ Blue LCD display with white backlight – Easy to read.
  • EatSmart “Step-On” Technology – Get instant readings with no tapping to turn on!
  • Auto Calibrated; Auto Power-Off
  • Age range for body analysis: 10 – 80 years
  • 4 X AAA batteries are included with your purchase
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and two-year warranty
  • MODEL #: ESBS-06

*People with pacemakers are advised not to use our body fat scales. Although there are no known specific health risks, this is a precaution that is advocated by manufacturers of scales featuring BIA technology.

image001Wax-Rx Ear Wash System

Having trouble hearing your favorite songs in those pricey new headphones? Finding yourself asking others to repeat themselves during a conversation more often? No, this may not be a sign of impending old age or that you need to turn up the volume – it’s time to ask yourself “when was the last time I cleaned my ears?”

From ear candling to ear yoga (yes, it’s a thing) 2018 is the year to make ear health a priority and Wax-Rx makes it easy for you to clean your ears comfortably, easily and in the comfort of your own home!

The Wax-Rx Ear Wash System takes 3 simple steps: Prepare, Wash, and Rinse.

The kit includes an ear wash sprayer bottle, a handy basin (to avoid making a mess), ear wax removal drops, and pH conditioning powder that rinses out your ears, providing a relaxing rush and a safe deep clean!

Ready to turn up the volume on your ear health?

Screen Shot 2018 02 08 at 5.17.50 AMClearEar

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, earwax plays a key role in how the outer ear canal cleans itself. This canal connects the outside visible part of our ear with the eardrum. Although dirt can get into the outer ear canal, most of the “dirt” found in the ear is made up of tiny dead skin particles. These dead skin particles are normal because the skin keeps renewing itself through constant shedding. Glands in the ear secrete fats and other substances to keep the inner ear soft and protected. Earwax is one of these substances.

Ear wax builds up and can actually become impacted with the use of technology like ear buds or hearing aids. Using cotton swabs isn’t recommend, but a new gadget called ClearEar is!

Build-up of ear wax is one of the leading causes of preventable hearing impairment. Every day, we use in-ear devices to communicate or listen to music, which impairs the ears natural self-cleaning mechanism. Some wear hearing aids which can cause issues with ear wax build-up. Oto-Tip’s patented spiral spin technology offers a safe, simple method to clean ears daily that removes ear wax without the risk of damage to the ear canal or ear drums, enabling you to enjoy the sounds around you.