Health Benefits of Clean Windows

Health Benefits of Clean Windows

Getting your home’s windows cleaned is often one of those jobs that gets pushed to the wayside time and time again. After all, if your windows look clean enough, why bother? Regular window cleaning can have some significant maintenance benefits for your home, but it can also improve your health. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable health benefits of clean windows.  

Fights Allergens  

Windows are excellent allergen collectors, especially in the spring and summer months. Dust and pollen settle on the glass and frames and easily blow through your windows when you open them. With year-round window cleaning, you reduce the risk of excessive sneezing, headaches, and runny noses by getting rid of pesky pollen.  

Prevents Mold

Condensation in your windows creates the perfect moist conditions for mold to grow. If your windows haven’t been cleaned in quite a while, mold has most likely already started growing. Exposure to mold can cause dangerous respiratory infections, and it’s even more difficult to remove once it starts developing.  

Fights Seasonal Affective Disorder  

One of the most vital health benefits of clean windows is keeping seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, at bay. SAD often occurs in the winter as the sun sets earlier in the day and reduces needed sun exposure. SAD can result in feelings of depression, hopelessness, and fatigue. To fight SAD, it’s crucial to get ample sunlight exposure every day. If your windows are dirty, sunlight won’t be able to get through as easily. Frequent window cleanings will allow ample sunlight into your home, keeping everyone in good spirits.   

Window cleaning is far more important than many homeowners think. It keeps your home in better shape and keeps you happy and healthy. Consider hiring a professional window cleaning service to fight SAD in the winter season and to fight troublesome allergies when spring and summer roll around. 

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