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Do you wish you had a dollar for every time your grandparents asked you to read something for them?

Some of your grandparents seem to forget their reading glasses more often than they would like. This can easily be fixed if their reading glasses could be with them all the time. Problem solved thanks to ThinOPTICS, an innovative ultra-compact stemless reading glasses and matching cases, available in a variety of beautiful designs, that are always with you as they conveniently stick to the backs of phones and mobile devices.

us dvpm 18oz bw charcoal clay 65322 83331175 722057.png.ulenscale.490x490Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care products are budget-friendly yet useful stocking stuffers for every guy. These products are dermatologist recommended and specifically designed for men’s specific grooming needs.

Here are some of the benefits of Dove Men+Care Body Washes:

  • Range of body washes that offer the hydration men need to care for their skin
  • Formulated with MICROMOISTURE technology and ¼ moisturizing cream to boost the skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Works to not only replenish moisture in the skin’s outer surface layer and keep skin healthy and strong
  • Designed specifically for men’s skin and #1 dermatologist recommended


Nausea is the worst! Whether it’s triggered by a migraine, pregnancy, motion sickness or even certain scents—nausea’s effects can sideline you from many activities. Now you can sideline the drugs used to treat nausea thanks to Reliefband.

Reliefband, a wearable, clinically proven device uses technology to deliver a natural and drug-free treatment to control nausea. Worn similar to a wristwatch it delivers gentle pulses to the median nerve at a pressure point located at the wrist. The pulses transmit a signal to the nausea control center of the brain to resolve the conflict between what we see and what we feel to naturally dispel all feelings of nausea.

imageMy Magic Mud

Who doesn’t love white teeth?! Reveal a whiter, brighter smile by going back to nature! Forget artificial and sometimes toxic ingredients to get the white, polished smile you’ve always wanted. My Magic Mud uses all natural ingredients including charcoal and coconut oil for the best clean and whitest teeth you’ve ever had and dentists agree.

Sometimes you have to get down and dirty to get the best smile you’ve ever had. Yes, the activated charcoal and coconut oil in My Magic Mud toothpaste does it all — for kids and adults!

It’s the beauty secret of the ages, that mud can make things sparkle. Who knew that a black toothpaste could give you the pearliest white teeth no matter how much coffee, wine or staining foods and beverages you drink and eat?


Moms don’t get sick days is a hard-hitting fact most of us know all too well. What happens if you end up being one of the 9.2 – 35.6 million who get the flu this year? We have you covered with a doctor-recommended natural solution safe for the whole family.

Instead of reaching for the neti pot, which can lead to infections and even death – two died after using tap water contaminated with brain-eating amoeba try CLEARinse, a physician-recommended all-natural suction device safe for baby, mommy & daddy.

Unlike the neti pot or the popular Nose Frida for babies, CLEARinse uses pure saline and a gentile suction pump system to comfortably remove congestion. Recommended by doctors creates similar flow and pressure settings used in doctors’ offices and hospitals to clear stuffy noses and sinuses. Safe for the whole family!

Age: 1 Month+

Price: $49.99 (20% off right now!)

PNG imageMDHearingAid

From being able to hear holiday tunes to the warm laughs of loved ones, hearing loss doesn’t have to get in the way of joy or break the bank. MDHearingAid is a leader in the over-the-counter hearing aid market.

The MDHearingAid AIR is the best selling value hearing aid in America with over 100,000 satisfied users. You will hear clearly and comfortably in a variety of settings — watching television, at a dinner party, at church — thanks to its advanced digital technology. Feel and hear years younger — start your risk-free, in-home trial today!

While custom hearing aids are not covered by insurance and can cost up to $5,000 an ear, the MDHearingAid AIR costs $399.99 and is also available for a monthly payment of $33.33.