Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Bees Happy

Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Bees Happy

Beekeepers are a little bit like nurses. They pop their heads in now and again to make sure everything is running well. Much like nurses, beekeepers need to learn how to spot issues and fix problems. For those just starting out, here are helpful tips for keeping your bees happy.

Provide Water

Bees, much like other animals, need access to safe, clean water to ward off dehydration. As a beekeeper, you should provide your bees with a spot to rehydrate by placing a bee bath near their hive. A bee bath is a receptacle that holds water with pebbles that break the water’s surface. That way, bees can stand on the pebbles and drink from the water below.

Plant Flowers

Bees need access to plant life to survive and thrive in their environments. By planting flowers near their hives, you give them a fighting chance. Some beekeepers even like to create pollinator gardens. As the name suggests, these gardens offer a wide variety of flowers for bees and other animals to pollinate. Ultimately, providing flowers keeps a hive healthy, happy, and active throughout the season.

Check for Mites

Varroa mites are a common pest in beehives. If they enter your hive, they can destroy the entire ecosystem. Checking for mites is one of the most helpful tips for keeping your bees happy because if these pests take control, they can disintegrate the health of bees and even transmit viruses around the hive. To avoid the worst of their influence, check for them during the summer months. They are a red-brown color and reproduce on the larvae and pupae in a developing brood.

Inspect the Queen

Nothing will throw a hive into a state of agitation and frustration like a missing queen. If you notice that your bees are noisier or more aggressive than usual, there is a good chance that their queen died. During the summer months, make sure your queen is still alive and laying eggs.

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