Helpful Ways to Dress Better in 2021

Your choice of outfit communicates a powerful message to the people around you. Other than covering your body, you can use outfits to express your personality and style.

Following the ‘Stay home, Stay safe’ directive to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, the fashion world experienced a new trend; comfy sweatpants and oversized t-shirts. After all, days were spent indoors. However, with a promising coronavirus vaccine, life will soon resume normalcy; work, cocktail parties, and family gatherings. Thus the need to embrace the New Year in style, polish your fashion and dress better.

This article will give you an insight into fashion trends that will unleash your inner fashionista and help you dress better in 2021.

Let us start with basic fashion rules to dressing better.

1. Feel good personality

For you to look good, you need to feel good about yourself. Practice good posture, always carry your confidence, keep your shoulders high and wear a smile.

2. Look after your appearance

Establish a simple, grooming regime. Keep your nails short and hair brushed in place. For the women, a new hairdo and a touch-up of nail polish could go a long way. Never wear chipped nail polish.

3. Wear clothes that fit

When shopping, select outfits that fit and complement your body. For a neat look, ensure your clothes are clean and well pressed.

4. Invest in a watch

A watch is a classic accessory to your status and style. A quality timepiece will last you a lifetime. Ensure the watch is comfortable and fits your wrist well.

5. Keep accessories to a minimum

Accessories spice up your look. However, too many accessories will create unnecessary attention. Please keep it simple; one accessory is enough.

6. Spend money on shoes

What you wear on your feet is an integral part of your overall look and fashion appeal. Get something good and comfortable that matches your outfit.

As stated by Coco Chanel, a French designer renowned for her timeless designs, ‘A woman with good shoes is never ugly.’

7. Dress for the setting

Identify the occasion and dress up appropriately to avoid feeling out-of-place. When unsure of the setting, go safe with a simple black dress or a blue suit; you could never go wrong with that.

There are ways to incorporate your fashionable style with upcoming trends. A trendy look doesn’t need the most expensive clothes. Remember, it’s the way you wear it that impresses, not the label. A trendy style could be as easy as throwing on a pair of sunglasses.

Look effortlessly stylish with the below outfit trends of 2021.

1. Black face mask

Besides being a nose and mouth coverage, a sleek black mask will match any outfit and look exceptionally stylish. Opt for a silk fabric for easy breathing. Shop online to get a wider variety and grab the online coupons.

2. Bold shoulders

Pair a luxe bold shoulder blazer with a graphic T-shirt or linen to get a chic aesthetic ensemble. These could go well with denim, chinos and a pair of sneakers or heels.

3. Drape the jacket

Think of your jacket as an accessory and drape it over your shoulders. Switch to a clutch or cross-body bag since your shoulders are occupied. Ensure the jacket’s inner lining and your top have different fabrics to stop the jacket from slipping.

4. Mix textures

Mixing textures is a great way to transform your look. Wear your flannel shirt with corduroy and throw on a black leather jacket. Or pair a satin tank with jeans for a relaxed stylish look. Be creative in your style.

5. Go all out with color

Color is timeless; there are no rules! Step out of your neutral-color comfort zone and try out a green suit. Better yet, mix neon and bold colors to get a unique, purposeful look.

6. Slap a hat on it

A good hat creates a defined look that accentuates the outfit. Ensure the hat fits.

7. Wear sunglasses

Equip your wardrobe with a pair of trendy sunglasses. It may just be what your outfit needs.

You’ve learnt the basic fashion rules and how to pull off a trendy look. However, outfits are a global unifying factor, and trends significantly change from time to time.

Here are some insights to help you in keeping up with fashion trends of 2021.

1. Visit fashion-forward retailers

Check on retailers that always feature new arrivals, like Intermix and Asos. Update your wardrobe with a new designer scarf, one of the outfit trends of 2021.

Opting for online shopping when searching for the latest fashion is convenient, since you can view multiple stores simultaneously, without physically being there. Better yet, new arrivals usually have great deals and voucher codes to knock off some Euros.

In case the items are expensive, you can browse through and order them from cheaper retailers like 6th Street that offer huge discounts on their coupon codes.

To make the most of online shopping, you can take advantage of online coupons by:

· Check out sites displaying coupon codes such as MyVoucherCodes and MYBAG

· Install an extension browser that will automatically search for savings

· Load your cart, abandon and wait. You may get discounts on your email in a few days.

· Sign up for newsletters to receive voucher codes and sales announcements

· Some smaller stores offer a coupon code when you share on social media

2. Stream fashion shows

Fashion influencers stream numerous fashion shows for free. All you need is the internet and a streaming device. Watch out for Pre-fall 2021 fashion trends.

3. Look out for what celebrities wear

Designers dress celebrities to get recognition and set trends. Celebrities have a large following; what they wear will get everyone talking. Pay attention to fashion pacesetters on social media such as Kanye West, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham.

4. Watch essential events

Do not miss red carpet coverage annual events since individuals go all way to dress. Events such as The Grammy’s, The Oscars and Coachella will guide you on the trending styles.

5. Subscribe to fashion magazines

Prominent fashion designers feature their latest pieces by putting ads in top fashion magazines. These magazines usually review valuable content on styles, interviews with designers and some even offer a coupon code as a bonus.

Stock up on magazines such as Vogue, ELLE, and Harper’s BAZAAR.

6. Other sources

Fashion designers display their creations through other sources such as news anchors, guests on famous TV shows and social influencers on Instagram.

There are online websites that also set trends. Some of these websites will guide you to a wide range of stores that offer great deals. Check out TheBlondeSalad, InStyle and MODAcable.

In addition to keeping up with the modern world, fashion boosts confidence and creates an excellent first impression. You have no reason for dressing drab in 2021, embrace style and be fashionable.

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