Holiday Safety Tips: Hidden Dangers To Avoid This Season

Holiday Safety Tips: Hidden Dangers To Avoid This Season

Nothing represents the holiday season like the warm feeling of togetherness. The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to pause, reflect, and muse on the world around us—and the people who are closest to us. But amongst all that festive fun and close cheer, diverse dangers lurk at our doorsteps. To ensure a time of celebration and merry-making, proper precaution is the name of the game this season.

Nobody desires to put a damper on the festivities. Are you prepared? Let’s take a closer look at key holiday safety tips and hidden dangers to avoid this season. Only holiday happiness and good health lie ahead.

Be Cautious About Fire Safety

When talking about holiday safety tips, fire prevention is at the top of the list. Open flame disasters are one of the major hidden dangers to avoid this season. Be sure to double-check that any smoke alarms within your interiors are fully-functional—working detectors could be the difference between life and death.

Common causes of fires during the holiday season include overloaded electrical outlets, candles, cracked lighting strands, unkept fireplaces, and space heaters. If you celebrate Christmas with an indoor tree, consider closely how to keep your beautifully-decorated tree from going up in flames. Water your tree daily to maintain freshness, and avoid placing it near any sources of heat. Remember, even artificial trees can catch on fire from faulty light wiring.

Keep an Eye Out for Outdoor Hazards

Seasonal weather conditions can become core causes of concern. If you have guests heading your way, be sure to clear off any snow or ice from your driveway, walkways, sidewalks, or stairs. Accidental tumbles are more prevalent this time of year, and nobody desires a trip to the emergency room.

If you are traveling around the country during this holiday season, be extra careful on the roads. The increased influx of traffic heightens the risk of travel accidents. Not to mention possible poor weather conditions that cause reduced visibility and low tire pressure and tread. Have your vehicle serviced beforehand, plan your trip wisely, and keep an emergency supply kit in your car just in case.

Closely Watch Your Festive Foods and Drinks

Besides fire and weather pitfalls, other holiday season side effects are disasters in the making. Remember to be conscious in the kitchen, dodging the dreadful effects of sickness or injury. Improperly prepared and stored foods also increase the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Stick to the must-have holiday party munchies alongside your carefully-handled feast of meats, savory side dishes, delectable desserts, and more. Be cognizant of unattended food and alcohol that could pose a risk for curious pets or little ones in the household. Taking everything into consideration, these tips can help avert unexpected curveballs for a merry and bright holiday season.

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