Home Décor & Design Ideas for Fashion Lovers: Tricks to Add Wall Fashion Posters into Your Décor

Fashion lovers are known for having exceptional creative skills, finer sensibilities, and superior choices. They would love to come up with a warm, welcoming, and super-stylish home. As per expert interior designers, home decoration is surely an extension of fashion. You must realize that there are several similar trends running across both the fashion and interior design industry. Let us explore some home decorating & design ideas from interior design experts for all those who are passionate about fashion.



Display Fashion-Inspired Posters, Sketches, & Photographs

As per https://www.houzz.com, one of the best ways of adding elements of glamour, style, and fashion to your house is strategically using a fashion poster or fashion photograph. You could choose from an impressive collection of online fashion-inspired posters or you may cut out fashion pictures from your favorite magazines. ‘W’ (Magazine) certainly seems to be an invaluable source as it is relatively bigger as compared to most other magazines. You may choose from one of the following impressive fashion posters.



Flaunt Your Colorful Scarves to Take Your Passion for Fashion to the Next Level

You may consider framing a striking scarf or hanging a bunch of them after knotting them, for adding elements of elegance and sophistication. Likewise, you could frame bracelets, necklaces, or even fashion posters for inspiration. Gorgeous neckpieces and some other pieces of jewelry must not be kept in boxes as they often get tangled. If you are a fashion lover, you would appreciate trying something new. Let the neckpieces hang from a hanger to create repetitive textures wherever you prefer.



Demonstrate Your Favorite Pieces

You could flaunt your stunning stilettos and enjoy their presence every day by placing them strategically on display shelves or line them up in acrylic boxes. Instead of leaving a stunning pair of boots on your bedroom floor, you could consider arranging them neatly in a line. You could make a major fashion décor statement simply by creating a mesmerizing line of textured leather booths kept on a trunk or an elevated surface and pairing it with a stunning fashion poster.



Show Off a Vintage Trunk

Vintage stuff is in vogue and you could show your passion for fashion by using a rich ornate vintage trunk to take your home décor to the next level. The vintage trunk could be used as a side table or a coffee table, or maybe at the foot of the bed. If you have been fortunate enough to have got a vintage trunk as inheritance, make the most of it. You could use it as a center table in your living room just opposite the accent wall or the gallery wall displaying amazing fashion-inspired posters.



Accentuate the Room Décor by Using a Patterned Dress

If you simply cannot do without admiring your exotic frock pattern even a single day when you are not thinking of wearing it, it is best to use it in your home décor for attracting the attention of everybody. You may consider using your hot favorite frock pattern. Use a stunning texture or even a bold and attractive pattern simply by letting it hang against a dazzling white background. You could hang it at the back of the door along with a colorful fashion poster to create a mind-blowing ambiance. 



Steal the Show with a Row of Blues                             

Fashion lovers are known for their imagination and creativity. Blue jeans could be displayed in a grand way to add a whole new dimension to your home décor. Hang three or four pairs of exquisite classic blue jeans in a row. This could make a home décor statement. Rich demonstration of the fascinating indigo hues when coupled with a framed fashion-inspired poster could certainly look lovely and intentional. Remember to hang the jeans all in one single direction and avoid layering it up so that nothing looks cluttered there.      



Add an Element of Glamour

Fashion lovers enjoy flaunting unconventional but casual combinations. Use a special item that steals the attention and infuses an element of glamour to the overall aesthetics and ambiance of the room. The item could seem unfitting and unusual for the combination yet become a grand success. A stunning fashion poster left loose against the wall with some colorful cushions and an area rug may create the right ambiance and home décor magic. You may use the poster shared below. Try out a stunning poster from Artsybucket.com. You may keep changing the poster according to your changing moods.





Get Your Furniture Upholstered in Fashion Fabrics

You could upholster your sofa using a striking combination of multiple fabrics to create the right magic and stand out as a bold fashion statement.




You may be an expert fashion designer or a fashion aficionado so you must realize that there are numerous trends and rules that overlap. Many of you are deeply enticed to use diverse styles for creating the right ambiance. Fashion lovers love to experiment and they often mix and do not match purposely. It is a fabulous style and when done perfectly could rise above fads and trends and end up creating a truly timeless expression of a carefree and personal way of life.