Home Renovations That Improve Mental Health

Home Renovations That Improve Mental Health

Some days are harder than others, but we want to help you improve your mental health by getting creative and redesigning your home. In fact, studies suggest that making small changes in your home can improve your well-being. Start off small, though, if you want to work on one of these projects. Here’s our list of home renovations that improve mental health.

Remove Clutter

Most of the time, the things we’ve collected end up being the very reason we feel stressed and overwhelmed. Simply, clutter equals our own unhappiness. To make more room, you need to remove things you don’t feel attached to anymore. Start by decluttering the following areas, and then work your way up:

  • Bookcases
  • Closets
  • Your junk drawer

After you’ve cleaned these spaces and moved on to other rooms, you can do a little bit of organizing and even find new ways to stay organized.

Improve the Landscaping

After removing excess items from your home, it’s time for some landscaping. Grab a plant or two and go outside for some fresh air. Being outdoors can boost serotonin levels, and planting something new will make the home more feel alive.

Open Some Windows

To beat the blues, you sometimes need to let in the light. It’s okay if you don’t want sunshine all around the home, but even if you just open your curtains, you’ll start to feel happier and more energized. You could also go for lamps with a soft, warm glow. The look of the natural light will make your home appear sunny all day long.

Remove Contaminants

Making minor improvements goes a long way, and it will make you so much happier and energized. However, the most important thing to remove is unfriendly odors. These smells can negatively affect your life and lead to health problems. While you’re at the store, pick up a candle or two and an air freshener to make the rooms in your home smell better. Additionally, if you love being in the kitchen, consider installing a range hood. A range hood can combat toxic fumes from your cooking by sucking up the odors and replacing them with fresh air from outside.

Our list of home improvements that improve mental health is here to help you make positive progression in your health and well-being journey. As you explore the rest of your home, start planning your next big project with friends and family members. Your mental health will improve, and you’ll also grow closer to others and rediscover yourself.