How Businesses Can Improve Parking Lot Safety

How Businesses Can Improve Parking Lot Safety

The safety and well-being of employees and customers should be a high priority for businesses. Below are a few ways that businesses can improve parking lot safety.

Keep It Lit

Keeping a well-lit parking lot is an essential part of parking lot safety. Good lighting deters thieves and other criminal activity from your lot. Make sure to stay on top of lighting repairs and updates. Updating bulbs to LED provides more light than regular bulbs. If you feel like your parking lot needs better light, then have more installed.

Make Rules Known

Posting the rules around the parking lot serves as a reminder for employees and patrons. Make the fundamental safety regulations clear for everyone to see. A few good rules and guidelines to have are:

  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t walk alone, especially at night
  • Have the vehicle unlocked before you get there, or prepare your keys by having them in your hand
  • Lock your door straight away when you get in, and don’t hang around in the lot.

These rules are simple to follow and will help keep your customers and employees safe.

Have a Safe Space

In case anyone must wait for a ride home or wait for a locksmith because they locked themselves out, provide your employees with a safe space to stay. The lobby of the building is a great idea, but if you don’t have an entryway or don’t want people hanging out there, make sure to create a designated room for this purpose.

Report Suspicious Activity

Be aware of what’s going on in the parking lot and make sure workers and customers do the same. Teach them to know what behavior they should report. Potentially suspicious behavior includes:

  • People who are sitting in a parked vehicle for an extended period
  • People who are wandering aimlessly and look out of place
  • People who are carrying bags or hiding items
  • People who are walking up to many vehicles and pulling on handles
  • People who seem to be running their business out of their van or truck.

Immediately report any of this suspicious behavior to the police or your business’s security.

Keep the Lot Maintained

Keeping up with regular maintenance of your parking lot also helps improve safety. Make sure to clearly mark the lines to avoid lot accidents and show patrons where to park.

Security needs to be a top priority for all businesses. No employee wants to feel unsafe when coming into work. Do your part and improve parking lot safety.