How do I deal with sexual performance anxiety?

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It is quite common for men to experience performance anxiety during sexual activity

Did you ever felt so anxious about sex? It is quite common for men to experience performance anxiety during sexual activity. The sexual performance anxiety is the feeling of nervousness and also anxiety before and during intercourse. It might be due to expectations or personal worries. The performance anxiety is caused due to the negative thoughts that arise in mind about the ability of a man to perform well in bed. It may include an extreme feeling of sexual inadequacy or inability of a man to please the partner in bed. 

The performance anxiety affects the men of all age groups, and it results from the premature ejaculation to the condition of Erectile Dysfunction. The performance anxiety makes it extremely difficult for the man to orgasm and makes it tougher to concentrate on the physical as well as the emotional sensation during intercourse. Currently, there is a lot of research which is going on the physical aspects of the anxiety. In one of an earlier study which was conducted in 2005, the anxiety is considered to be one of the significant factors which are closely linked to the condition of sexual dysfunction in people.

Although it is quite a common issue in men through the guided imaginary and various other anxieties reduction techniques, it can be cured.

 Anxiety symptoms 

This particular condition of performance anxiety affects everyone in a different manner as every person responds to the stress as well as the anxiety in different ways. Well, within the body, this particular condition may be developed due to several of the symptoms like the premature ejaculation, inability to attain orgasm or may be loss of interest in sexual activity. Even physical symptoms which are being achieved in the condition of erectile dysfunction may lead to the loss of sexual desire.

Why some people feel anxious during the sexual performance?

There are many of the reasons due to which people might feel anxious before or during sexual activity. These include:

  • Unrealistic of the expectations
  • Low level of confidence and self-esteem
  • Perceived failures
  • Previous fear of rejection
  • Fear of not satisfying the partner
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Stress
  • Lack of desire
  • Lack of concentration

How to overcome sexual performance anxiety?

This particular condition of anxiety can have an extremely destructive influence on the emotional as well as the social life of the person. Never feel embarrassed to discuss this issue with the consultant who will be asking you a few of the relevant questions for evaluating the situation. Medications and other therapies can help treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems that have physical causes. Fildena Generic Viagra 100mgis Really work for sexual performance anxiety.There are many of the tips which assist people in managing the performance anxiety and in achieving positive sexual experiences.

Avoid Cycle

Many of the men fall into anxiety cycle during the intercourse. Having a highly disappointing experience in bed from time to time is entirely, and frequent symptoms of ED, which is usually not the cause of concern as well. However, many of the men may dwell on the event and consider just their failure. This causes them to become anxious about their performance in the future as well. This performance anxiety may cause erectile dysfunction to continue, as well.

Stress management

Sometimes people can solve this particular issue by themselves when they communicate with the sexual partner comfortably, and in many of the other cases, this problem may disappear as and when you identify the source of it and manage the stress in life.


Sexual performance anxiety is a vicious and inescapable cycle. Whenever there is an enhanced level of anxiety, it hampers the person from having sex as they start feeling that they wouldn’t be able to perform in a proper manner and this leads to even more of the anxiety. So you should consult the therapist and discuss the problems which help you in several of the ways. Try to become more comfortable about you and the body. Also, learn and understands the issues in a much better way that ultimately leads to anxiety.


The person should be confident in the body, and the level of energy also plays quite a crucial role in overcoming this particular issue. The more you won’t be cautious about yourself and the way you look, the easier it would be to get yourself in the sexual activity without any the stress. Strongly pickup the exercise when you still have to ensure that you are fully confident.

Behavioral practice

Don’t forget to practice the behavioural strategies which increase the ability of a person to make love positively. You can discuss the strategy with the partner, be open about the needs and also your desires that have the best of the intimate relationship.


Medication can also be one of the viable options for treating this disorder. After discussing the symptoms with the doctor, the right course of medication would be prescribed to you who can be consumed orally. So the medicines like the anesthetic creams as well as the prescription tablets also assist in curing premature ejaculation issues as well. Some Medicine like Vidalista Cialis 60mg and Tadalista Cialis 20mg help treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual performance anxiety problems that have physical causes.


You should know yourself well and when you are not in the mood of indulging in intimacy, then give yourself a break. You should always set down the most realistic of the expectations with your partner and yourself too. Just go with the flow.

Give time

Many people don’t realize the importance of foreplay. Hurrying in sex quite often ends up in having none of the partner attaining the orgasms. You should indulge in the foreplay before actually getting into the real game.