How does a URL Shortener Work?


URLs are not that common and can be easily ignored by web users, but you might have noticed a URL to shorten after posting it on social media networking site. People usually don’t realize that there is a lot of information that goes by the free link Shortener and it is important to make a choice of whether which Shortener you should use and when you should use it. There are many best URL Shortener options that you could consider, they all have different features, and you have to choose the best one for you and your business. Now you must be thinking of many questions in your mind like what is the best URL Shortner and how can you use it properly? Don’t worry, and we will answer all of your questions in detail so that you can get a clear picture of small URLs and Shorten URL tools!

What Is The URL Shortener, And Why Does It Matter!

For those of you who are not familiar with the term URL or URL Shortener, URL Shortener us the tool that is used to make the long URL address of a website short in length by cutting out different characters but still directing them to the same page. There are many shortening tools available these days, and you can consider the best one for you. Now some shorteners work by default on a website, and some require tools to shorten them. Some people are comfortable in the default shortening tools, but some prefer the third party tool. Let us find out why!

Popular URL Shortener and How Do They Work?

1. Small SEO Tools

The Link Shortner tool of the small SEO is considered one of the best and user-friendly tools available on the internet. Just like every other tool on the website, the URL Shortner can also be used for free. If you are wondering that to navigate this tool on Google, then don’t worry if you enter the keywords for the best URL Shortener, you will see the small SEO tools on the top of the results, and you can navigate easily from there. You can type and copy-paste the long URL as well!


The is, without a doubt, the most famous URL Shortener available on the internet and this tool have another important feature that is enjoyed and appreciated by many web users. It offers the service to track metrics, now if you are thinking that what’s so special about this feature then you must know that when metrics are tracked, you can get the exact information about how many people are clicking on your URL link address. When you want to use this tool, you can simply register yourself with it and can add your link in the dashboard. In this way, it will notify about daily updates about your link.


The is yet another important URL Shortener that you will normally see to be used by people who are using Buffer on their systems or devices. The is another URL Shortner tool that also helps you to share your link and gives you proper dashboards to do that. With this tool, you can see real-time updates and information about your link. You can also make a schedule for sharing your social stuff with the link saved in the tool. The tool is so user-friendly that it is expected that it would soon be on the top of the list of shortener.


This, as you can guess from yourself, is the official Shortener for links by Google. It has nothing to do with link sharing and dashboards, and there are no complications in this tool, you will also get updates about your metrics on a daily basis with the help of this tool. You can check the tool as many times as you want. You just have to open the tool and enter the long URL, the URL that you have entered will be shortened and will be updated whenever the link is on the search engine, and you will get updates about the clicks.


A Shortener that is in its initial stages and is expected to grow to be the best in the near future will tell you about when to and where to post a link along with shortening your long URL. An interesting feature of this tool is that you can even upload images in this tool and you can get a shortened link for it.


As you would have guessed about this link, it belongs to Twitter, and you can see it normally when you are using twitter. This tool only treats the URLs on twitter and is not for public or private URLs; however, due to its limitations. The tool is said to be losing its users, but we can expect an update my twitter soon.