How to Accomplish Product Photography Projects on a Tight Budget?


The consumers are always on the lookout for time-saving shortcuts to know about something, and their attention mostly falls on images to fulfil this need. So, the primary consideration for anyone who is selling a product is to get the best product images to testify the quality of the product and also to satisfy the consumer needs.

While considering product photography, there are two crucial things to keep in mind.

  1. Maintaining transparency
  2. Protecting consumer trust

While consumers land on a product page, they are actually looking for proof and value, which can be shared at best through images. Best-quality images help shape the first impression and also ignite their longing towards it by continued browsing and eventually making a purchase. So the product images need to:

  • Engage the viewers
  • Convert them into business
  • Boost a lifetime relationship with the customers.

What exactly is product photography?

Product photography is a niche photography area which utilised the techniques and strategies to showcases various types of products attractively and aesthetically to entice the potential consumers to purchase those. Product photography is an essential part of both online stores and offline advertising of products through catalogues, flyers, magazine ads, brochures, billboards etc. The company’s official website also holds professional product photographs, especially while selling directly to the customers.

How product photography help increase sales?

It is a proven fact that 90% of information gets transmitted to the human brain through visual imaging. No matter how much sophisticated the websites are, visitors on a page first look at the visual elements not the written text. So, images could play a crucial role in the decision-making process of the consumers, which determine the conversions and retention at the first point.

The quality of the image given about your product is also considered as a reflection of your brand’s quality and also helps to create an infamous first impression. Quality visuals as offered by Porfyri Photography can help enhance the buyer’s touch point and further push them to action. Surveys had shown that about 93% of the consumers consider images essential for their purchasing decisions. Good images can speak directly to the target customers and make your offerings more relatable to their needs.

Product photography and branding

Branding is the centre of any promotional decisions a business make including the:

  • Website building and updates
  • Social media profiles and posts
  • All online and offline marketing campaigns
  • All consumer materials

Considering branding, quality images are at the helm of it. As an image is the first thing to grab anyone attention and help instil trust, you need to consider professional product photography ins preparing your branding images too. Ensure that the product photographs you take speak in the same tone as of your branding elements in order to create brand inimitability.

While thinking of product photography, you can consider these two options.

Product-only photos

These photographs highlight the product only in the best light and background. The usual practice is to capture multiple images from various angles to highly the best features of the product. Most of the times, the product only images are shot on a white background to create consistency among the product line.

In-context photos

The lifestyle shots featuring products are best suited for blog posts, social media, mailers, and other online marketing channels. In-context snaps can feature the usability of your products and also induce and emotional engagement with the user needs. 

In any case, it is ideal for getting the assistance of a professional photography consultant in order to capture the best photographs of your products which can offer you many budget-friendly packages for product photography based on your specific need.