How to Beat the Covid-19 Blues! A Time For Self-Reflection


By Geeta Chopra

By now you must have cleaned every corner in your house.  You have Lysol, air filters, hand sanitizers, and your hands are most likely cracking dry from the alcohol portion of the sanitizers.  And we still have another month of this to – at least!  So, how about cleaning out your inner man?

Well, this is a time of sweet surrender.  This reminds us that God is truly in control, and we aren’t.  It filters out all the arrogance, complacency, and self-reliance.  And it brings a miracle, if we allow it.

So who are you reliant on?  Who is your rock?  What are you complacent about?  What did you take for granted?  Who did you take for granted?  Now, when just planning a simple trip to the grocery store seems extremely complex, time consuming, and borderline dangerous, we can sure look back in gratitude.   When things get back to normal, will we be more grateful?  Or will we go back to complacency and self-reliance?  What is the most important thing in your life?  

The bible says God is our rock and fortress.  For many individuals, they are their own God.  When times like this occur, we need to go back and do a self-inventory.  Do we recognize there is a power greater than ourselves controlling the universe, and do we believe that power is on our side?  I do.

This is an excellent time for meditation, non-resistance, and silence.  What I always longed for is more time and discipline to practe the latter three things.  Meditation is what keeps me grounded to my spirit man, and the angels.  Non-resistance brings me closer to my destiny by allowing God to remove all blocks; whilst recognizing that I am not the one in power.  When I give up resistance, it always allows me to harness the God given energy I have access to; and truly allow him to work.  I get out of the way, so to speak.  When I move aside and let that energy take over, usually what occurs is nothing short of a miracle.  Problems solve themselves, people change on their own, and the right things suddenly appear.  This is very subtle, and you cant trick the universe.  True surrender is a noble thing and has great rewards.  The more you scoop out of that abundance bucket, the more comes out of it.  It never runs out.  God knows what you need, and He is the most qualified one to orchestrate everything for you.

Sitting in silence is the third and perhaps the most powerful as it encompasses the latter two.  If prayer is talking to God, it is said that silence is listening to Gods answer.  Silence transmutes resistance.  What better way to end the struggle of resistance in the mind and body?  Silence absolves the noise, chatter, and argument with yourself.  Of course, once you are truly at peace with yourself, no one else can ever have an argument with you no matter how hard they try.  

Silence the sharpest sword in the tool shed, piercing down to the inner most parts.  Medical research shows that sitting in silence for 15 minutes a day s a huge boost to you immune system, and can even cure chronic pain.  Why do you think this is so?  The goes back to the article I wrote on the mind body connection.  The mind is the birthplace of all disease, no matter what western medicine sells you.  Silencing the chatter in the brain wipes out the resistance to life and all that is.  This is the serenity prayer used in AA.  We pray to accept what we can’t change in peace.

Sometimes humans need a catastrophic event to silence our minds.  To attain true surrender, a tragedy is almost necessary.  This is why people love jumping out of airplanes, and why witnessing a death brings people closer and down their pure essence.  In both of those cases, there is no time for resistance!  What is left is their real character, which is of course in perfect peace and love.  There is nothing left to do but surrender.  And then a miracle is born.  Often, what is called a miracle is simply true surrender.

The world is in a place of true surrender right now.  If you noticed, when you go somewhere you get that warm smile, and people you don’t know sincerely wishing you well and to be safe.  The other day at the bank I had a gentleman who was so compassionate, wished my entre family well, and looked at me with love.  This was just a routine bank trip.  What I witnessed was his real self, underneath all the chao and resistance.  We are all loving beings, but the noise of our world separates us from our higher selves.  Tragedy can and will bring out miracles for the human race.  When it’s over, we come out cleaner, stronger, and actually ahead.

What a wonderful opportunity this is to reconnect with our spirit man through mediation, prayer, and silence.  Perhaps this what we needed most.

Geeta Chopra is the television host of ‘The Geeta Chopra Show.’  She is a health and wellness coach who helps people heal from their root. She is in the process of writing two books, and gives talks on the subject matter.  The approach she uses is influenced by Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. 

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree from George Washington University. She is also the owner of a real estate development company. Follow her on YouTube to watch her latest TV episodes on various natural healing modalities including gut health, pranayama, the mind-body connection, organ detoxification, rejuvenation, and much more. Her book, “To Every Gastroenterologist in America: What You Didn’t Learn and Med School and to Every Patient Who Becomes Their Victim,” is launching in 2020. Follow her on YouTube to get a free copy. Be the best version of yourself!