How to Bring Changes to Your Lifestyle to Increase your Sexual Stamina

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It’s natural for many couples to booze a little before indulging in a romantic session to enjoy it even more. Some others may also like to smoke marijuana to enhance the oomph factor. However, in the long run, these habits can prove detrimental to your sexual life.

Besides alcohol and cigarettes or marijuana, decreased libido in men is also caused by fatigue and chronic anxiety. Depression arising from relationship issues and sexual trauma can also result in a reduced sexual drive. These apart, advanced stages of prostate cancer and chronic kidney diseases can also affect your sexual life adversely. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the details of the matter, as well as provide you with effective suggestions to minimize the issues, in case you’re suffering from them already. 

How smoking and boozing adversely affect your carnal pleasures

Many a time, you have experienced repulsion towards sexual activities while on booze. This is because alcohol being a depressant can reduce the urge to even have sex. Too much alcohol can build up toxins in your body, affecting your organs, including the ones that initiate any kind of sexual drive. 

Coming to smoking, tobacco harms blood circulation, which is essential for sexual arousal. Too much smoking and drinking can thus give rise to temporary erectile dysfunction in men among other issues. 

Effects of anxiety and depression on sexual drive

High amounts of cortisol in the blood can reduce your sexual stamina by suppressing the desire to have sex. You can indulge in yoga or meditation and follow a regular workout regime to get rid of such issues. Staying active will not only help increase libido in your body but also offer holistic benefits for your health in the long run. 

Several healthcare articles have explained that some unhealthy habits like excessive smoking, boozing, poor diet, overworking and reduced mobility can reduce your sexual stamina. For example, the blog 15 Ways To Boost Sexual Stamina For Men explains how upgrading your lifestyle can improve sexual performance. Further, including Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet will enhance your heart health and improve flexibility, which in turn, will increase your sexual stamina. 

Let’s now give you some effective suggestions to improve your lifestyle and adopt healthy habits:

Practice moderate drinking and occasional smoking

Try to cut down the number of cigarettes to one or two every alternate day, and you will notice a gradual decrease in the urge to smoke. Whenever you feel like boozing a little or smoking, distract your mind and divert your focus elsewhere. 

Follow a healthy diet

  • Green vegetables and fresh fruits – They replenish the essential nutrients in your body, which reduces cravings
  • Milk and dairy products – Not only do they make cigarettes taste bad but also keep your stomach full, thus leaving no space for alcohol. 

Increase physical activity 

If your work involves sitting at a desk for hours at stretch, try to take breaks in between and stretch your muscles a bit. You can also move around, indulge in small talks with your peers and walk up and down the stairs a bit. If you can afford the time, visit the gym regularly, or exercise at home to reduce stress, improve your flexibility and enhance your heart health, all of which positively affects your carnal desires. 

Wrapping it up

Reduced sexual stamina can lower confidence levels and even lead to chronic depression in some cases. You should take the necessary measures to upgrade your lifestyle and get rid of unhealthy habits as soon as possible to turn the tables on your physical and mental issues. Exercise regularly, practice meditation and include healthy foods in your diet to improve your health, which will drastically increase your carnal abilities.  


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