How to Build a Shed Base on Uneven Ground

If you want to facilitate the process of building a shed on ground which is uneven, you’ll benefit from learning about plastic shed bases. They do offer a lot of advantages and we’re going to talk about those advantages in this article.

As well, we’ll share other practical tips which will help you to get the job done right.

Why Buy a Plastic Shed Base?

It’s always smarter to build on an even base. This means that you’ll need to create an even surface before you put your shed into position. The easiest way to to do this is to invest in a plastic shed base which is composed of a variety of interlocking “cells”. This type of shed base may be put onto ground which has been evened out first. The base may then be filled with gravel.

However, putting gravel in the plastic shed base won’t be mandatory. Small buildings don’t usually require the usage of a gravel layer.

An eco-friendly shed base will be incredibly strong and it will also facilitate draining. Panels of these shed bases fit together in no time flat, so you’ll find that choosing this type of shed base is the key to rapid installation. When you choose this type of solution, you’ll reinforce the ground, so that it’s really strong and able to carry plenty of weight. You’ll also make it so much easier to create an even base for your shed.

As well, you’ll be pleased to know that the high-quality shed bases sold at are affordable, planet-friendly and reusable.

A Good Foundation is Vital

A good foundation is crucial or a shed may collapse. One of the secrets of a good foundation is an even surface under the shed floor. While it is possible to build piers on uneven ground and handle the situation that way, most people prefer to even the ground completely before they begin building or installing their sheds.

In general, evening the ground isn’t too complicated of a task. It may be done with shovels or machines. It’s something that most people can accomplish with a bit of sweat equity.

When you clear away extra earth and create a smooth and even surface, and then install your plastic shed base, you’ll create a foundation which is really strong and secure.

It’s also important to think about anchoring your shed. This is something that most people achieve by drilling big holes many inches deep and then using joist planks as anchors. Then, they add support planks (underground type) to the skits. It’s also possible to create an anchor without needing to dig holes, by cutting holes which are rectangular into blocks of concrete.

The blocks should have widths which are a bit larger than the width of the skid, so that the skid will go into the blocks of concrete.

Following this shed-building tips once you’ve evened out the ground and installed your plastic shed base will help you to ensure a great foundation and good anchoring of your shed.

How to Shop for Plastic Bases

If you want to install a shed in the UK, you should definitely look for a plastic shed base supplier that is also based in the UK. When you do, shipping will cost less and you’ll be able to access customer support which is delivered in your own language, at the right times of the day.

Order from will be a smart strategy. This company is renowned for its strong, lightweight and eco-friendly plastic shed bases. They are competitively-priced and this company’s website offers lots of advice about how many panels to buy and how to put the shed base together.

As well, this company is known for its superlative customer service. Its shed bases and other bases are used all over the United Kingdom. They reinforce the ground beautifully and also help to create even surfaces for structures, such as sheds.

Now that you know how to build a shed base on uneven ground, you’ll be ready to move forward and gather your supplies. You may order a shed ready-made or build one yourself, from a kit or from components which you choose yourself. As well, you may pay a contractor to install your shed or do the job on your own.

As you can see, you’ll have plenty of options. However, you should always take care to make the surface even before you put down your shed base and then install your shed on top. When you create an excellent foundation and anchor the shed via our expert tips, you’ll be installing your shed like the pros do and you’ll be able to enjoy your new shed for years.

Sheds are so versatile. They may be used for storage or as home offices or gyms. Some people use them for crafting. The possibilities are endless, so why not add a shed to your property today?

As a UK manufacturer, The Shed Base Company’s mission is to become the UK’s leading supplier of shed bases made from recycled plastic for use in all types of garden buildings. Since 2013, we have provided over 6000 plastic shed bases to our customers across the UK and is quickly becoming the number one choice for Eco-Friendly shed bases.

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