How to Build a Stronger Relationship With Your Children

How to Build a Stronger Relationship With Your Children

As parents, we strive to create a meaningful connection with our children on a daily basis. We want them to know that they can turn to us for everything, and that we’re more than the person who puts food on the table. But a deep relationship with children doesn’t come without a bit of work. Here’s our guide to how to build a stronger relationship with your children—check it out!

Start With Positive Affirmations

Negativity and judgment are surefire ways to break down a relationship—not just with your kids but with anybody. Do your best to speak positive words to them; it helps build their confidence while strengthening your relationship. These positive statements should not sound forced and should be authentic expressions of your thoughts and feelings. Some affirmations to start saying to your children are I believe in you, you are so important to me, and I’m so proud of how much courage you showed today. It may not come natural at first, but with practice comes authenticity!

Listen to Their Worries

A big mistake a lot of parents make is trying to fix every issue that their child brings to them. Oftentimes, your child just needs someone to talk to, not someone to fix everything. Do your best to show your children that they can turn to you without you freaking out. Listen empathetically, and your children will start coming to you more.

Spend Time With Them

Probably one of the best ways to build a stronger relationship with your children comes from spending quality time with them. If you want your kids to open up to you or if you want to feel closer, then you have to spend time together. Try not to force anything they’re not interested in and instead key in on the activities that they enjoy. If they like to paint, paint with them. If they like to cook, ask them to cook with you. Make sure to stay off your phone and fully immerse yourself in these moments!

Delve Into Emotions

Similar to listening to their worries, try your best to build a relationship that doesn’t ignore emotions. An emotionally intelligent relationship is often a successful relationship. Give you and your children some grace when it comes to emotions. Help each other talk through them rather than ignore them. This isn’t the easiest thing to do, but the sooner you start, the sooner positive changes occur.

Show up for Them

Lastly, do your absolute best to show up for them. Missing one game or performance is all right, but when it turns into a habit, it hurts the relationship. Do all that you can to show up for them when they need you. Cancel after-work plans with colleagues if your kids are having a terrible day and support them in all of their ventures. The more supportive you are, the more solid the relationship.

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