How to Care for Your Mental Health After a Breakup


Nobody likes to be part of an ending relationship. Regardless of who broke up with who, the process is always painful, even if breaking up is the best decision for you both. Having an important part of your life end suddenly can cause a great deal of strain on your mental health, particularly if you still have feelings for the person you are no longer seeing. While there is no easy and quick way to get over the negative feelings surrounding a breakup, there are a few universal tips that can make the process healthier and less drawn-out. Here are a few ways to care for yourself and your emotional state after a breakup.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Some people might feel weak if they don’t simply brush off the breakup and pretend to feel nothing. It might be tempting to assure yourself that you are unhurt by this life event, but pushing these negative feelings down simply means they’ll come out in different, less healthy ways in the future. Be mindful of your emotions and how they are impacting your daily life. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of how you feel – after all, a breakup can evoke a sense of grief, one of the most difficult processes a person can experience.

Stay Social

Depending on your own circle of friends and how much time you like to spend with others, you might naturally be inclined to either seek out company or stay by yourself while you recover from the breakup. It’s important not to isolate yourself while going through the post-breakup emotions, even if you would rather stay at home. Having other people to listen to you and to offer their own stories can make you feel less alone and more understood. Hanging out with people is also a great way to distract yourself from your own negative thoughts and feelings, which can sometimes be hard to ignore while on your own.

Don’t Dwell on Pain

While the first point mentioned some people’s tendency to push emotions down, other people can be inclined to pick at fresh wounds and dwell on the pain caused by the breakup. It might feel cathartic or maybe even healthy to face the pain head-on, but this can often lead to depression, isolation and even addiction. For help with addiction recovery, visit No matter how hard it is in the moment, your future self will thank you for not agonizing over every detail of the breakup and causing yourself more pain.

Focus on Yourself

If you are leaving a long-term or deeply meaningful relationship, it can be a shock to suddenly find yourself single again. Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to a lifestyle that involves a partner and now that they’re gone, you are at a loss. An excellent way to take your mind off the relationship and build a new lifestyle is to concentrate on your own hobbies, preferences and attitudes. By focusing on yourself, you will be better able to forget the past and move on.