How to Choose a Customized Diamond Proposal Ring in Singapore?


There’s nothing more beautiful than romance culminating into a deeper commitment! And this transition needs to be celebrated and cherished. It needs to be marked by something resplendent and magnificent. Nothing can substitute a customized proposal ring. Whether you gift it to her at the wedding altar or during a candlelight dinner, the proposal ring has a charm and beauty of its own. It seals your commitment with a “forever” mark.

Today, several designers and brands offer exquisite diamond proposal rings! But you have to search smart when you want to customize your proposal ring. Recently, the Singapore proposal ring brands have been impressing all with their unique ring designs and diamond cuts. But choosing the best ring needs a bit of careful analysis and assessment! Here’s how to go about it. 

1. Decide what you require

The first step to getting the best-customized diamond proposal ring is to know the design you want. For this, you need to know what your lady love prefers concerning jewelry. Does she prefer a chunky diamond piece? Or she always loves her embellishment and accessories to be subtle and classy? Also, try to know her favorite diamond cut. If you are unsure, you could ask someone who can help you. Alternatively, you can check out designs in cushion cut which is a popular choice amongst women.

2. Research online

Today, popular jewelry brands have a strong online presence. Conduct extensive research online and draw up a list of three leading customized proposal ring brands. You can browse through the product gallery, compare the features and price. It will help you to know which company stands out amongst the three. Based on your comparison you can choose a company that caters to all your requirements.

3. Check out the options for ring metal

Usually, most leading jewelry brand enables you to customize the proposal ring in a silver or gold metal. While you can always experiment with German and white silver, you can weigh and assess your choices for gold as well. The leading names will provide you with attractive options like gold, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold as well. Today, the popular choices are rose gold and white gold. Rose gold looks distinctive and unique. And white gold almost has a solitaire feel to it. Choose the one you think your partner would love the most. 

4. Check out the customization options

Most couples today are opting in for customized proposal rings! It’s because everyone wants their engagement rings to be special. They want a personal touch. So when you are speaking to a service provider try and check the customization choices you have. For instance, ask a jewelry brand if you can select the ring engravings the way you want. Some leading brands provide you with a computerized design that you can modify and customize based on your choice. 

The new age jewelry brands today keep the customer’s viewpoint in their perspective when they provide their services. Also, the companies make it easy for the customers to customize the proposal ring as per their choice.