How to choose the best toys for babies

The boy biting a toy on a bed at home

Are you confused about which toy to get for a child? Babies are explorers who learn best through doing. Playing offers kids infinite opportunities to nurture their thinking, language, growth, social, physical, and emotional skills. The collection of playthings and toys helps shape their development in critical ways. 

Probably, you are wondering how you will choose the perfect toy with the best quality and last a long time. Well, settling for certain toys may be overwhelming when you walk into a toys store like and find a massive array of playthings and toys. A few ideas toy buyers can use to ensure a child is challenged and fully nurtured.

Go for multi-functional toys.

Children love different activities, including building, collapsing, adding, and pulling out, among others. Go for the open-ended toys so that your child enjoys different games with the same toys. For instance, choosing chunky plastic and wooden blocks that interlock is used in making other structures like a bridge, spaceship, zoo, and road. Such toys help grow any child’s imagination, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Choose toys that grow with the child.

Most parents have experienced purchasing toys, and the child uses them only for a few days and never touches them again. So, to avoid such disappointments, purchase fun toys offering different experiences at the various development stages of the child. For instance, a young toddler may enjoy making a shoebox house to house small plastic animals, while an older can use the same small plastic animals to make up a story and act it.

Choose toys encouraging problem-solving and exploration.

Children are always encouraged to play most of the time as it helps develop new and polish their old skills. Always buy toys that allow your child to figure out different things by themselves or require minimal coaching and enhance them to be persistent problem-solvers and great logical thinkers. Children also can develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial relation skills. Some examples that fit this category include blocks, shape sorters, and puzzles.

Go for toys sparkling the child’s imagination.

When a child is in their third year, their creativity levels are significantly taking off, and they then can take different roles alone like kings, which is something to smile about. Choose toys that your child will use to develop and act on other stories. Pretense gaming boosts a child’s crucial growth skills like sequencing abilities, literacy, and language. Some of the toys games fi in this category include trains and trucks, dress-up clothing, and toy tools.

In conclusion, toys are an essential asset for kids’ development. When choosing toys, there are different factors that one should follow. Ensure the preferred toys enhance a child’s growth, imagination, activeness, and they need to be multi-functional.  

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