How to Craft the Perfect Email

We all send and receive emails every day, but how many of them achieve their goals? Many emails get left unopened in inboxes or warrant a few seconds of attention before being sent to the trash, but how can you make sure this isn’t the fate of your communications?

Crafting a good email is an art, and with focus, you can drastically improve your performance. 

Understand the Recipient 

Understanding the person who is receiving the email will allow you to tailor it to their preferences. 

No matter what reason you are sending the email, you have certain goals you want to achieve, and this is going to be much easier if you understand what the recipient wants. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and craft your email around this. The more tailored your emails are, the more effective they are likely to be. 

Know Your Goals 

Understanding your audience might be important, but you have also got to understand what it is you are trying to achieve. For example, getting someone to RSVP for a meeting is very different from asking them to lower their price for a piece of work.

If you do not understand what your email is trying to achieve, then the chances you come up with a message that convinces your audience to take the right action are very slim. You need to guide people in the right direction, but to do this, you need to know what that direction is. 

Do not Overcomplicate

Emails do not need to be complicated; they need to be efficient. 

People’s time is precious, and when they see a huge, complicated email in their inbox, they are much more likely to skip over it and, at the very best, skim the contents. Your email should convey your most important points, and if you need to discuss more complicated matters, then other communication methods are probably better suited

Add Some Personality 

There is nothing wrong with adding a little personality to your emails. Nobody wants to read boring emails that all look the same, so find ways to make your writing a little more interesting. 

Little things like a personalized email signature from make your communications seem much more heartfelt and like you’ve spent a little bit of time on it, and this can have a big impact. 

People want to feel like they have been sent something specific to them rather than an email that could have been sent to and from anybody, so find ways of personalizing your emails. 

Grammar and Spelling 

Always double-check your work and make sure it is free of grammar and spelling mistakes! 

You can get free integrations that help you with this, but always make sure you proofread it yourself as well. There is nothing worse than clicking the send button only to realize you have made a mistake, so take those extra few seconds to make sure everything is right. 

Grammar and spelling matter so do not neglect them.

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