How To Create a Home That Reduces Stress

How To Create a Home That Reduces Stress

The home is designed to be a sanctuary from the dangers of the outside world. However, it may be doing more to keep you stressed than you realize. Whether it be the overall style, its messiness, or even its layout, all these features can affect us in specific ways. So, if your own home doesn’t seem to be the restful environment you need it to be, take some time to change it. This is how to create a home that reduces stress.

Design with Feng Shui in Mind

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is considered one of the best ways to foster a calming energy throughout your home. Using specific furniture placements and colors, this method helps establish a particular atmosphere—helping a home feel livelier or more tranquil. So, whether you’re a believer in this practice or not, some of these techniques are good to keep in mind when trying to cut down on stress. This is especially the case in rooms like the bedroom that should promote relaxation.

Install the Right Type of Lighting

You can also create a home that reduces stress by simply changing up your lighting plan. Believe it or not, lighting can affect a person’s emotions in a variety of ways. Like with the energy from Feng Shui, certain types of lighting can provide us with more energy and make it easier for us to focus. But if your mission is to eliminate stress, it’s recommended that you use warmer-colored lighting instead of bright LED bulbs. Warm lighting gives the room a cozy atmosphere that lends itself well to decompression and sleep.

Eliminate Clutter and Maximize Storage

Cleaning up clutter in your home can positively affect your stress levels as well. When our immediate environment is messy, we tend to feel unfocused and overwhelmed. Though you often don’t know it at the time, this can increase your stress and make it harder to unwind in that space. For this reason, it’s crucial that you get rid of items you aren’t using anymore or incorporate more storage to keep things organized.