How to Effectively Build Brand Authority Online

building brand authority

What is the one thing that distinguishes successful digital marketing campaigns from those that never seem to produce a meaningful ROI? Simple: Brand authority.

When we talk about building brand authority, we’re also referring to the degree to which you’re showcasing your business skills through various digital platforms. 

Building brand authority will create trust and credibility for your business. It will boost the confidence level your customer base and prospects have in your company. 

With the right mix of brand growth strategies on the web, you will drive your business to the next growth level.

Regularly put up quality posts on your website blog page 

Through writing authoritative posts on your company’s blog you will turn your business into a reliable digital source. For your customers, any piece of content you produce should be meaningful and written for humans. You will also keep your followers engaged and happy by producing fresh and interesting content regularly. Choosing a reliable Cloud hosting platform is equally important that serves your fresh content constantly to your followers and readers. You can opt for Google Cloud certification if you are planning to use the service offered by Google.

Write interesting guest posts on other authority sites

Every business has a network of blogs monitoring the latest news and developments for those who are working in it. Guest blogging on each of these pages gives you the ability to share experience with others.This approach can also help drive organic traffic to your website while creating brand awareness and trust among potential buyers.

Sometimes all of these might look like too much to do, especially considering you also need to focus on the core area of your business. But that should be no trouble with the help of local digital marketing experts, such as a New Orleans search engine optimization company – if your business is sited in or around that region of the US.  

Exploit the power and reach of social media

Social networking provides nearly infinite opportunities within your niche industry to connect with clients, potential business partners and influencers. This ensures that you can quickly exchange information and professional material with a large audience and answer any questions or criticisms when they emerge. Using these strategies will help create trust amongst your clients.

Boost your brand profile with a coveted industry recognition or award 

Winning a trade group or industry association award can help lift your business industry profile. It is easy to be regarded as an expert because you have received official recognition for your work already.

So, show medals, plaques and seals you’ve received for your industry expertise or some other outstanding job. You may want to take it a step further by making a blog post about it in a way that interests readers and make them trust your brand more.  

Make sure to post it on your website blog page, social media accounts and other relevant authority blog pages and forums.

Provide social proof through real customer testimonials

Testimonials can be incredibly helpful tools for the company to create authority. Any testimonial or web review offers an opportunity to analyse your product or service and the real impacts you have made past customers. They can also provide different types of social proofs of your business expertise. 

Host an online conference or event

Hosting an online exhibition or conference is an innovative way to put your brand forward as a market leader. Make it more effective by cultivating a sense of exclusivity. If you are able to grab the attention of industry influencers, you can further burnish your brand’s image as an industry pacesetter. 

Create video content and also host a podcast

No need to restrict the quality content you are providing to just text or images. How about incorporating Youtube content as well as a podcast in your digital marketing strategy? This will allow you to reach a whole new subset of your audience that prefers connecting with brands via a video explainer or an audio format.

You can also create excitement and develop yourself as a pioneer in the industry by: 

  • Hosting expert guests inside and outside your industry, as well as 
  • Discussing topics important to your client base.

Every touchpoint provides your business with a build brand authority in your industry. By focussing on creating high-quality and relevant content across channels, you can demonstrate the unique skills, expertise and selling point your business is offering to clients and prospects. 

The outcome? You will tower above your industry competitors and show potential customers that you are in a league of your own. 

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