How To Effectively Speed Clean Your Kitchen

How To Effectively Speed Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen in your home receives the highest volume of traffic in daily life. The importance of cleaning your kitchen and its appliances pertains to your home’s safety, health, and presentation. Making time to clean your kitchen can be challenging, especially if you have a busy schedule or receive guests on short notice. This comprehensive guide provides tips and tricks on how to effectively speed clean your kitchen.

Group the Supplies

Assess the cleaning supplies you require and group them together inside a tote or caddy for easy access during your speed clean. Move the supplies with you to avoid searching for them during the process.

Start With Countertops

Remove everything from the countertops and clean the surface to remove food scraps, spills, or any residue. If there are items that don’t belong in the kitchen, have a laundry basket ready to place them in for later.

Wipe Major Appliances

Use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the major appliances in your kitchen. An all-purpose cleaner lets you avoid having to waste time switching between cleaning agents for glass, stainless steel, and other surfaces. Prioritize wiping down the most visible appliances and use a microfiber cloth to prevent streaks.

Manage the Dishwasher

Remove dirty dishes from the sink by loading them in the dishwasher or giving them a brisk hand cleaning. If there’s a load of clean dishes to put away, remove the few you need and organize the rest on the drying rack. If there are dishes on the drying rack, put them away to create more space in your kitchen.

Clean the Kitchen Floors

Remove shoes, bags, or any other items on the kitchen floor and place them in the laundry basket to provide walking space in your kitchen. Use a broom or vacuum to clean the floors, including kitchen rugs. If you don’t have time to mop your kitchen floor, you can use an all-purpose cleaner to spot clean visible stains or spills on the floor.

Customize Your Speed Clean

Learning how to effectively speed clean your kitchen provides a strategic approach to maintaining your home on limited time and making it presentable to company on short notice. The best way to plan a speed clean for your kitchen is to assess the layout and specific features that require the most attention for future speed clean sessions.