How To Find A Trustworthy Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents aren’t known for their honesty and the media is packed full of alarming stories which show them in a bad light. However, the truth is they aren’t all bad. A well known saying in the industry is that 10% of agents do 90% of the work, and it’s the agents which fall into this 10% that sellers should be seeking out. So, those who are keen to move up the property ladder or who are after a quick house sale following a divorce should do all they can to hunt out the most trusting agents in Pittsburgh.

Knowledge of the industry

Agents should know their stuff, but they should also be knowledgeable in the increasing changes which are going on outside their direct line of business which could still impact them. For example, driverless vehicles could soon turn the real estate world on its head, but does your agent know this? As with any industry, it’s important that your realtor stays up to speed with the latest news and you shouldn’t be afraid to challenge them on this. After all, you’re potentially going to be making them a lot of money.

Other things you should question them on are properties which have recently sold in the area and others currently up for sale. Being able to provide you with this information off the top of his or her head is a sign of a good agent.

Research your agent

Has your choice of agent got the appropriate qualifications and licenses for trading in Pittsburgh? How long has the realtor been in business for? Are previous customers happy with the service they received? The internet is a brilliant place to turn to find details and reviews of your preferred agent so that you can see if they really are as good as they claim to be. Reputable agents will also be happy for you to talk to their existing and past clients to hear their honest feedback.

Happy to help

You may not yet be in a position to sell. For example, if you’re looking into taking out a reverse mortgage and are currently in the process of calculating a reverse mortgage loan with the plan to sell in a few years’ time, but still approach an agent to discuss your options, they should make you feel like a valued potential customer. If they make you feel like you’re wasting their time, the agent is one to steer clear of.

Despite the bad press coverage there are good real estate agents in Pittsburgh, you’ve just got to spend the time researching and questioning them to find the honest, trustworthy ones.

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