How to Find the Best Third-Party Sitecore Partner for Your Business Site?


You have come a long way. You have given shape to your dreams, and you are now standing in front of a brand new CMS or CRM platform that needs expert help. No enterprise can run without a dedicated website and database. A robust CMS platform helps to bridge the gap between the site and the database. That is where Sitecore comes into the picture. It is significantly more than any CMS and it simpler than any other CRM platform you have ever used. However, it is new. That makes it a challenge to find a new Sitecore partner,who can help you set up and maintain your Sitecore website.

Why is outsourcing mandatory?

Outsourcing your database maintenance and website upgrades needs to a third-party team is always difficult. You might feel tempted to hire in-house talent for the same services until you realize that it is impossible for just one person to manage your entire Sitecore CMS. And recruiting a whole team of trained technicians is going to be a lot more expensive than hiring a third-party service provider. You are right to get cold feet. Many technology partners tend to overpromise and under-deliver. There are only a few you can trust with the sensitive company information. However, outsourcing to third parties is the only way to establish a website that can please every visitor and cater to every individual’s need. 

If you have never worked with third-party service providers before, you will need this list more than anyone else right now. Getfishtank Site Core partner has compiled a set of traits that should help you figure out if you have found the best certified Sitecore partners in town –

  1. They have handled similar clients with similar challenges before 

It always pays off to find a Sitecore partner, who has the experience of working with a company similar to yours. It is a bonus if they have faced and won challenges similar to the ones you are facing. In most cases, the genuine Platinum or Gold Certified Sitecore Partners come with extensive experience that covers all your Sitecore implementation necessities. In case your partner knows your niche just as well as you, it is an added advantage for your enterprise.

  1. They have a flexible working process

When a new company is trying to establish its domain or exploring a new market, they need certain levels of flexibility. However, some partners can be sticklers. They rarely budge from their set rules and procedures. It can be extremely challenging for the new companies, which have just set out to acquire a new market. These third-party service providers have a set equation for success, and they are not ready to include any new variables.

Every new client is unique, and a certified Sitecore Partner should have the ability to understand that. Every company has a different culture, process and problem set. That can call for modifications of the set processes. Any Sitecore partner you pick should be able to work with these variables in mind. 

  1. They should provide you with realistic goals

The most significant problem with almost all third-party service providers is frequently creating pipe-dreams for the company teams and rarely delivering. Choosing the right partner means following project deadlines and receiving the necessary service on time. A certified partner should be able to give you a stipulated timeline and establish at least a few checkpoints during the project. It always helps to visit their office and speak with them to find out if they are ready to provide you with realistic goals for your upcoming project.

  1. They have recognition from Sitecore and reviews from other clients

When you choose a technology partner for outsourcing your Sitecore implementation requirements, you should check if they have the right certifications from Sitecore. A reliable team should have the recognition from Sitecore, and they should have mentions in related Sitecore blogs, magazines and recent news updates for their achievements. It always pays off in the long run to find a technology partner with accolades and awards from authorized sources. Check their recent reviews. If they come bearing multiple recommendations from friends and competitors alike, then the chances are that you have found the right Sitecore partner for your company.

  1. They are devoted

Sometimes, the leading Sitecore partners have a lot on their plate. It is likely that they are responsible for the management of more than one Sitecore website. However, that does not mean that they can ignore the needs of your site. A certified partner always has the time to address the complaints and concerns of each of their clients. If you have previously experienced trouble getting through to their communications team or getting a response from their team leaders, it may be time for you to consider looking for another Sitecore partner. 

When looking for Sitecore partners always remember to stay away from the Jacks-of-all-trades. You need constant and highly specialized care for the upkeep of your Sitecore website. You do not need a partner, who agrees to each demand and qualm of yours; you need a partner, who knows exactly what your site needs to function smoothly. You will require help with SEO and analytics, but first, you need to get the content creation, management, and editing right for your site. For that, you will require impeccable Sitecore implementation, audits, and upgrades.

Your Sitecore partner should be a specialist in at least some of the services. Contrary to popular belief, your partner should not even claim to handle multiple tasks single-handedly at the same time. Always look for a level of specialist, who can help to set up your future technology as well. You should always expect their competencies to evolve with the evolution of technology that supports your site services. In fact, you should have a heart-to-heart with your third-party team to find out their plans for growth and expansion in the near future as Sitecore rolls out new updates for the users.