How to Find the Perfect Job for You After Moving to Pittsburgh


Moving to Pittsburgh is a great choice for singles, couples, and families alike. It features rivers, hills, parks, and a great atmosphere. With so many wonderfully renovated historic buildings Pittsburgh has all the charm and natural wonder you could wish for in a city. 

You don’t need to wait until you get a job to move to Pittsburgh, however. If you find it feels like home after a visit then you should absolutely take the plunge and move on in. There are so many jobs available, and so long as you are willing to find a temporary setup while you search for your career you can do it easily. 

Find a Quick Temporary Job 

In order to find a great job you need to be financially independent. Instead of taking a crappy job in your industry, look for temporary jobs. Working in a restaurant or a café can help you meet people in the city, make friends, and bring in money. The best part is that these jobs can be quit at any time, meaning you will have the financial security and mobility to job hunt in your career. 

Know What You Are Looking for In an Employer 

With this financial stability comes the freedom to be picky about which jobs that you apply for. While finding the right position is definitely important who you work for is paramount. You need to find an employer that ranks well in terms of company culture and work/life balance. 

You can do this by searching for the top employers in your field. If you work in the medical fields, then knowing who the top medical staffing agencies are for workplace culture is an absolute must. It will help direct your focus and let you sign up directly to job opportunities with that employer so that you can be notified the second there is an opening. 

Give Yourself Time to Properly Apply to Job Postings 

If you see a job posting don’t just send a cookie-cutter cover letter and resume over. This never works. Instead you will need to tailor both to the job every single time. It improves the likelihood of an interview more than anything else – including your experience. Put the extra effort in every time. 

Don’t Wait for a Job Posting 

If there is a company that you really want to work for get in touch with them. After all, they might need your expertise without knowing it. If you offer a unique solution to a problem they face every day you might be the only candidate that they consider. 

Always Go Above and Beyond for the Job Interview 

A job interview is designed to figure out two things. One, that you are suitable for the role. Two, that you will mesh well with the existing team. A great way to do this is to go above and beyond for the role to demonstrate your worth instead of just talking about your efforts in the past. This is particularly key if you have an additional skill that will complement the role you are applying for in a unique way.