How To Get Your Bathrooms Ready For Senior Living

A lot of time is spent inside our bathrooms. Unfortunately, as we get older, even the really simple tasks will become a true hassle. Fortunately, your bathroom does not need to be a huge source of stress when you get older. 

Comfort and safety stand out as the really important considerations as a bathroom is remodeled or even designed. You can so easily do many different things that can prepare this room for senior living. Plumbers at recommend that you always consider the following. 

Always Address Slip Hazards

Any bathroom tends to be really slippery. The good news is there are various measures that can be taken to prevent the appearance of falls. Your floor needs anti-skid tiling or you could apply anti-slip coating on the tiles that are already in place. You can easily add these to your shower or tub since slips are frequent there. Bath mats and non-slip rugs are perfect for when moisture needs to be absorbed and areas need to be stable for seniors. 

Install Grab Bars

Seniors need really sturdy support as they adjust and move around. You can easily use grab bars all around the bathroom. Bars can be installed around your sink, around your shower, inside the shower and on both sides of your toilet. 

Contrary to what you might think, your grab bars should not be sterile, cold rods. Countless options exist on the market so you can so easily end up with something that perfectly fits bathroom décor. Textured handles are even better since they offer some extra gripping. 

Re-Think Shower Design

Conventional showers can be huge nuisances and hazards for those that are handicapped or older. You can easily look at alternatives like a wheel-in shower or a walk-in shower. The entrance should be curb-less. You can do the same when you install tubs. The goal is always to reduce the possibility of falling or even minor slips. Non-slip coating is definitely a good idea. 

Besides grab bars, you can always use shower seats. They are rarely considered but they are a wonderful addition to any shower for seniors. You can definitely install the seat separately. 

Safety Measures

Obviously, you can replace the designs that are in place or remodel your bathroom. Even so, you need to understand basic precautions. For instance, you can have a phone secured on a wall so that calling for help becomes a possibility. 

At the same time, proper lighting is always vital. Every single light bulb needs to be functional and efficient. Night lights should be plugged in when you go for midnight visits. 

Traditional bathrooms are difficult for a senior. The good news is that you can do so many different things to get the bathroom ready for your later years. As you remodel or design the bathroom, remain focus on comfort and safety. This is all you really need. The options that were presented above are wonderful for literally all bathrooms designed for seniors, even if there are many other things that can be done.