How To Grow Cannabis Seeds Legally

Perhaps you’re reading this because you’re interested to start growing cannabis seeds right from the comfort of your home. Cannabis now holds so much more value than just something used for recreational purposes. Because it has proven efficacy with medical purposes as well, its popularity has surged. While the common recourse is to purchase cannabis products from legal dispensaries, some people wish to grow it all on their own.

Fortunately, legally growing cannabis seeds isn’t really that difficult. You can think of the process as if you’re growing just about any other plant. The first step is for you to ensure that the seeds to grow cannabis in your local area is legal. Only then can you proceed with the steps enumerated below.

1. Research Where To Acquire The Seeds

No growing nor planting endeavor will ever be complete without first determining the best place to acquire seeds. Generally, you can go either of the two following ways:

  • Buy from dispensaries where growing cannabis for personal purposes is legal;
  • Buy from growers who sell clones/cuttings.

As you purchase these seeds, however, it’s important for you to read and go through the labels. By doing so, you can guarantee that you’re buying the right seeds with the strain that you wish to grow.

On average, the price can be anywhere from USD$50 to USD$100 for a pack of ten seeds.

2. Learn The Basics Of Germinating Cannabis Seeds

You don’t have to be an expert plant parent for you to know how to germinate cannabis seeds. Surely, you may have this as one of the biggest worries, especially since cannabis seeds are quite expensive to purchase. Fortunately, you only have to learn the basics of germinating these cannabis seeds as they’re quite simple to do.

Cannabis seeds only need the three basics to live: heat, air, and water. To help you out, here’s a germination process you can do by using only a plate, water, and tissue paper.

  • First, submerge the tissue paper or paper towels in distilled water to soak them;
  • Second, take two paper towels and lay them on the plate. Place the cannabis seeds on these paper towels at least an inch apart. Once done, cover again with two wet tissue papers.
  • Third, take another paper plate and cover it like a dome over the tissue paper.
  • Finally, all you’ve got to do is wait for it to germinate and grow. This may take an average of a few days.

Once the seeds have started to sprout or have germinated, you can move them to small pots with soil.

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3. Be Very Particular About The Lighting

Once you’ve planted the seeds, be very particular about the lighting. If you’re growing indoors, all the more that you’ve got to be very careful as you need to mimic the natural light coming from the sun. If you have a room that lets natural sunlight come through, make use of this area to position your pots with the germinated cannabis seeds.

It’s important for you to have this balance. Otherwise, if there’s too much artificial light, then the plants won’t be able to grow.

4.  Take Note Of The Characteristics Of Good Seeds

Growing good cannabis plants have a lot to do with choosing the right seeds. There are certain characteristics of cannabis seeds that you have to be on the lookout for, so you know that you’re taking home with you good cannabis seeds.

These are:

  • Genetic background. The seeds you choose should come from a good genetic background. This means a well-established strain, such as a cross-breed, O.G. Kush, or Bubble Gum.
  • Feminized seed. Most reputable dispensaries sell feminized seeds, but you’ve just got to be sure about it. These seeds are specially treated so it can grow into female plants.
  • Blend. When you study the blend of cannabis seeds, you have to consider a balance of these three species: ruderalis, sativa, and indica.
  • Yield indoors. This refers to the number of buds that can grow for every square meter of plant when you’re growing it indoors.
  • Potency. This refers to the percentage of CBD and THC that the plant will have.

5. Keep Your Plant Watered Well

Keep your plants watered and don’t let them sit in the soil for too long. Some types of plants can actually handle sitting on the soil for longer periods of time. Just check with your local garden shop regarding the right growing conditions for your type of cannabis plants.

Apart from water, you may also want to feed your seeds with organic food or fertilizer to ensure that they’re protected from pests and diseases


Growing your own cannabis seeds is a very magical thing. It goes beyond understanding the biology of the plant itself. You’re nurturing it and making sure it evolves from seed to plant. Especially when cannabis or marijuana is a staple in your household, learning how to grow your seeds can be very beneficial for you. The tips above can give you a good start.

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