How To Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Building

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Building

Knowing how to improve indoor air quality in your building is essential to ensuring no one gets sick because of your facility. When it comes to air quality, there are some things workers and building managers alike can do to help. Find out what these things are here.

What Workers Can Do

Don’t Block Vents

Blocked vents can damage your HVAC system by making parts of it work harder than others. Ensure that furniture and cabinets don’t prevent proper ventilation. Air grilles and vents should remain clean and clear of objects such as shelves, desks, and screens.

Comply with Smoking Policies

Your building likely has a smoking policy. If you smoke, you should keep the recommended distance from the building so that cigarette residue doesn’t blow into the building. Chemicals can stay in the building and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Whether it’s water or a chemical, you should clean up any spills in your office or facility as soon as they happen. Water can lead to mold and mildew growth, which can cause health problems. Chemical spills leak toxins into the air, contributing to poor air quality and health problems.

Dispose of Garbage

Dispose of any garbage in your office daily. Trash should be placed in appropriate receptacles and taken out of the building each day. As garbage breaks down, it can start to rot and mold, which may leak toxins into your building.

What Building Managers Can Do

Maintain a Building Ventilation System

Building managers have the responsibility of keeping inhabitants safe. Your commercial building should have an HVAC system. Furthermore, managers should maintain their systems by cleaning filters, clearing vents, and using an air monitoring system to ensure a steady stream of air is flowing.

Train Your Staff

Without proper knowledge, staff won’t know what to do. Train each employee who comes through your building to ensure they don’t harm your indoor air quality. Once staff know how important it is to breathe clean air while they’re inside—and how difficult that clean air can be to maintain—they may try harder to comply with standards.

Know how to improve indoor air quality in your building to keep yourself and your employees safe. Follow safety procedures, dispose of garbage, don’t block vents, and keep your HVAC in working order. Nothing is more important than your health.