How To Incorporate QR Codes in Your Product Design

How To Incorporate QR Codes in Your Product Design

Quick response (QR) codes are highly effective barcodes that make connecting consumers to your products and online websites simple and convenient. These codes are also a highly effective resource to galvanize your company’s online presence and digital interaction with customers. In this blog, we’ll share how to incorporate QR codes in your product design.

Link To: Company Websites

If your business is interested in modernizing its brand packaging but isn’t yet confident about implementing these barcodes, linking to a company website is a simple place to start. The trick is to imagine your product packaging as if you are looking at it through a digital lens. When you see a brand name and want to learn more, what do you do? You click on a link.

QR codes are the tangible links to “click” and connect customers to further information on a company’s website. When customers open your brand’s QR code, they will instantly see your business’s homepage, where they can learn more about your brand and browse for additional products.

Link To: Social Media Platforms

QR codes can also connect customers to brand social media accounts and platforms. Creating these convenient links to social media can significantly increase company follower counts. While gaining followers or posting on Twitter or Facebook may not seem necessary, these platforms provide a digital space to interact with customers daily.

Brands can post information, photos, or company advertisements online to add to their consumers’ timeline feeds. Taking advantage of these platforms as a resource to better connect with consumer bases is essential to keeping brands modern and relevant.

Link To: Company Campaigns 

One of the most effective ways businesses can incorporate QR codes into their product packaging is to link to upcoming brand campaigns, promotions, or new product releases. Companies can also link to customer surveys or other digital interaction forms to connect better with consumer feedback. 

Using QR codes to connect to company resources such as surveys and campaigns will increase customer interaction and establish brand relevancy. With so many product packaging trends to consider, investing in a more prominent digital presence through your labeling will better secure brand longevity.

QR codes take up minimal space on product labels but can link to digital content that significantly improves a brand’s recognition. Finding new ways to use QR codes to connect with customers, whether through social media or feedback surveys, will strengthen your brand’s online presence and keep your product packaging modern and relevant to consumers’ needs.

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